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Dec 11, 2011 - Mar 25, 2012








Ace - Dustin HoffmanGus - Dennis FarinaTuro - John OrtizJoey - Richard KindMarcus - Kevin DunnLonnie - Ian HartRenzo - Ritchie CosterJerry - Jason GedrickRosie - Kerry CondonJo - Jill HennessyWalter - Nick Nolte

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A drama following intersecting lives in the world of horse racing.

Luck follows the lives of owners, trainers, jockeys, and gamblers whose lives are spent at the same horse track.

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09/30/13 at 06:34pm

Luck was a miserable show stuffed with over-modulated writing and hammy acting. Everything was overdone. Dustin Hoffman wasn't the least bit convincing. The wheel-chair gambler and the latino horse trainer were both way overdone/over the top. Plus, you could hear David Milch's voice in every character, which just made it all the harder to suspend disbelief. Finally, the minutae of the racing world was way too cryptic and complicated. There wasn't anyone or anything in the show that a viewer could care about. I' glad it was cancelled.
05/16/13 at 10:54am

Another screw up by HBO!
If they were so affraid of hurting the horses why not just use video from real races?
12/08/12 at 12:19pm

totally a shame..what a wonderful show! Could not wait fro it to come back for season 2!!!!
05/18/12 at 07:05pm

This was an excellent show I looked forward to every week. I definitely could see where they were headed in season 2 and I was anxiously awaiting to see it unfold...bad move HBO you didn't give this show a proper ending shame on you. Just remember the viewers pay for your premium service not PETA!
05/14/12 at 02:58pm

It's a real shame to see Luck cancelled after only 8 episodes. This show had real potential and probably the best cast of any show on TV. It should've become HBO's "new Sopranos". I think it probably would've caught on after a second season or at least a longer first season. I'm very disappointed to have gotten hooked on this one and have it pulled immediately.
Sadly HBO will support gutter trash shows like Bill Maher but when they come up with something as well written as Luck, they dump it before giving it a proper chance to succeed. Bad move HBO...bad move.

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