New Girl

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Sep 20, 2011 - May 15, 2018








Jess - Zooey DeschanelSchmidt - Max GreenfieldNick - Jake JohnsonCece - Hannah SimoneCoach - Damon Wayans Jr.

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A comedy that takes a fresh look at modern male-female relationships.

Jess Day is a well-liked, offbeat woman in her late 20s who, after a bad breakup with her model boyfriend, moves in with three single guys.

There's Nick, a smart, down-to-earth bartender; Schmidt, a young professional who sees himself as a modern-day Casanova; and Coach, a former athlete who now makes his living as a personal trainer. Finishing off the group is Jess' best friend Cece, a cynical model with street smarts.

As their relationships progress, the group of five realize they may need each other more than they originally thought.

Comments (28)

06/22/18 at 06:42pm

Awesome show. I watched every episode and binge watching on Netflix is a guilty pleasure. I will miss this show and it’s characters.
tv guy
05/15/17 at 06:28am

Private Detective not funny what show are you Watching.?
06/19/16 at 10:52pm

i will admit, at first i didn't "get it" but i kept watching and it REALLY grew on me! now i find it to be endeering, entertaining, and funny (schmidt is hilarious!). jess is the glue that holds the show together, for now. regan could take her place, though, being the "anti jess". she was great and fit right in with the cast
03/08/16 at 09:54pm

the best part of this show through its entire run was when zooey deschanel was on her break and megan fox took over. every single other character on this show is great except for her.
dolores di palma
08/23/15 at 01:48pm

Sounds like three's company, with john ritter,joyce de witt and susanne sommers
Jeff yasick
11/29/14 at 10:32am

Get more seasons
Private Detective
05/22/14 at 09:07am

I wish they would END this series. It's not funny. They try too hard to be funny.
04/11/14 at 08:07am

Very uneven show. I liked it the first 2 years but introducing "Coach" I think screwed up the dynamic plus Winston has been minimized.
02/10/14 at 03:17pm

I don't know how I would rate this.. it's like it has all the parts and sometimes it works perfectly and other times it doesn't and doesn't very badly.
09/16/13 at 06:32pm

LOVE this show!!!

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