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Sep 22, 2011 - Jun 21, 2016




Drama / Crime




Reese - Jim CaviezelFinch - Michael EmersonRoot - Amy AckerShaw - Sarah ShahiFusco - Kevin ChapmanCarter - Taraji P. Henson

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A crime thriller following a former CIA agent who is hired by a mysterious billionaire who has a state-of-the-art machine that predicts future crime victims.

Reese is a presumed-dead ex-CIA agent who teams up with a mysterious billionaire named Finch. Together they are on a mission to prevent violent crimes using their own brand of justice.

Reese is trained in covert operations and Finch is a software genius who invented a program that uses special pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes. Together, they work outside the law and unravel the mystery of the 'person of interest' and stop each crime before it happens.

Comments (127)

05/31/16 at 06:57pm

Another great show gone. What's the damn deal?
05/31/16 at 07:23am

This season is garbage, she dies she comes back then dies again ???
The villain is all power but blind when it comes to them?
1 episode of season 5 was enough for me.
05/29/16 at 09:22am

Another error by the people in charge. It is a great show.
05/27/16 at 09:34am

It is a shame that great shows like Person of Interest gets cancelled but stupid shows are renewed over and over. Who makes these decisions? What an idiot!
05/20/16 at 04:13pm

CBS is full of it, this show is fantastic yet they cancel it? Why? Let me guess, cuz it wasn't making them enough money huh? Foolishness. I hope that another network picks it up because I cannot deal with the fact that this show got cancelled.
Piece of crap CBS.
05/18/16 at 05:45pm

While I am sad to see the show go, I much rather have CBS conclude it rather then just stop it dead in the water while it has a steady viewer base. You know they were planning on cancelling it considering the delay on premiere day and now the back to back episodes just to fit it in. I think all of us fans should just be happy the show isn't getting dragged on into oblivion until useless cancellation
tom snyder
05/18/16 at 11:53am

watched 5-16 show. <spoiler removed>then tuesday, the 17th,<spoiler removed>. what a mess CBS has created to end this. now, to get it done , they have a monday show and are now running 2 shows back to back on tuesday. i am starting to eliminate CBS from my viewing schedules as i did with the stupid idiot that is running phoenix local station and news. made it a real dopey channel here.
Mike McCabe
05/14/16 at 03:43pm

They renew 2 broke girls and life in pieces,odd couple.I guess CBS got a new program director it ain't working for me.
05/13/16 at 11:18am

Person of Interest is one of the most intelligent shows on television. Cast of characters is splendid. It is a show for people who are right in the show iself. It never loses its charm. It is sad it will be leving. I am so very disappointed. I cannot understand the logic of cancelling a show with such a hugh following.
05/01/16 at 06:30pm

As far as I am concerned, it is cancelled now. They are bringing back the unbelievable "Root" who made the show a joke. I won't be watching. It was a great show until they brought her on board. A computer geek shooting with both hands while bullets fly around her and she is unharmed. Put her on her own Wonder Woman show but not on this one. Want to blame someone for Person of Interest's demise? Blame Root. Want to save it? "Root" her out.

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