The Nine Lives of Chloe King

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Jun 14, 2011 - Aug 16, 2011




Drama / Fantasy




Chloe - Skyler SamuelsBrian - Grey DamonAlek - Benjamin StoneAmy - Grace PhippsJasmine - Alyssa DiazPaul - Ki Hong Lee

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A drama following a teenage girl who discovers she has special powers needed to protect humankind.

Chloe was a normal teenager living in San Francisco until the day after she turned 16. That was the day she died - for the first time. Little did she know, Chloe possesses intense powers and is part of an ancient race called Mai that is sworn to protect all humans.

The Mai believe that Chloe is 'the chosen one' known as The Uniter. Chloe learns that the Mai have enemies, known as The Order, who are out to kill her.

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05/30/18 at 09:33am

First,I'm a foreigner.I fall in love with this exacting show which get it from ladybor.I love Alek so much that I can't imagine it has been cancelled.The ending is so sad.I just want a film for this show and Alek will on it.How deep I love Alek!Although Chloe is not as proper as I think for this show.However,for another point,she might be OK.
Hope you think over it.
02/18/16 at 10:22am

me and about 10 of my friends absolutely love this show and i saw recently that it was put up on the freeform app does this mean its coming back ??
04/18/14 at 02:31am

I love nine lives of Chloe king me a my BFF were on Netflix and saw it we watched the first episode and couldn't stop. We kept waiting and waiting for the second season and then we find out the show was canceled. We were totally upset .i mean u left it as a cliff hanger and tht makes me just so mad I keep wondering if alek dies lives and about the brother thing i mean if u had given tht show a real chance u could of gotten some big money cause tht show is awesome the best thing u could watch and abc u just took tht away from us and I hate u for doing so I NEED THIS SHOW TO COME BACK PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ it doesn't matter tht it's been 3 yrs since I'm sure the actors would luv to come back just ask.
michele lobosco
08/02/13 at 06:54am

I keep hoping the show will return, but no cigar. my son & daughter & myself couldn't wait for the next week to watch the following episode. such a good & intense show. we loved it & really wish it would come back.
10/19/12 at 11:10pm

why did they even cancel the show it was great and just getting intese at the ending why do all the good shows end at the first season that makes me so angry.
08/21/12 at 10:17am

Another one I watched with my daughter. Not much left that I can actually watch with her.
08/11/12 at 08:07am

I am sad that this show was cancelled
joanna jot
07/30/12 at 09:09pm

what the hell is wrong with kelsey i hate brian alek is her true love he is an a** and is no exceptin to the curse he risk his live for her and she didnt give a rats a** she doesnt desevre him he shold rip brians ugly fat hairy face off did i ,mention he needs to shave and loose a couple of pounds he has bobbs
07/29/12 at 08:56pm

i dont know why they cancelled it it was my life i loved alek and chloe and i hate brian so i was happy when he died its mean but it is true.i am so sad i will fight to get it back and im happy that they said they might make a movie but isnt amy going to vampire diaries
07/07/12 at 06:53pm

I love this show. I am sure the audience they were looking for was a younger one, but I loved it also. I am in my 40's. I am tired of all the stupid reality shows. This was refreshing. I never thought to wonder if the show would be cancelled. I have my DVR set to record the summer show. I realized it hadn't recorded an episode yet, and now I know why. I hope this station changes their mind. I was into the story line. Brian didn't die?

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