The Nine Lives of Chloe King

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Jun 14, 2011 - Aug 16, 2011




Drama / Fantasy




Chloe - Skyler SamuelsBrian - Grey DamonAlek - Benjamin StoneAmy - Grace PhippsJasmine - Alyssa DiazPaul - Ki Hong Lee

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A drama following a teenage girl who discovers she has special powers needed to protect humankind.

Chloe was a normal teenager living in San Francisco until the day after she turned 16. That was the day she died - for the first time. Little did she know, Chloe possesses intense powers and is part of an ancient race called Mai that is sworn to protect all humans.

The Mai believe that Chloe is 'the chosen one' known as The Uniter. Chloe learns that the Mai have enemies, known as The Order, who are out to kill her.

Comments (93)

06/27/12 at 12:57pm

Does anyone know why it was even canceled? It was so amazing
06/20/12 at 05:03am

I'm so done with this damn channel why would you cancel this show and put a stupid show on like jane dress by design.
I'm done ABC Family shows.
06/17/12 at 08:40pm

And if you were wondering… after the big kiss at the end… Brian only passed out, he didn't die, he and Chloe broke the curse with true love and then Chloe later finds out that Brian is supposed to join the order but still loves him and also Amy and alek end up as a couple. Brian tells his father he doesn't want to join the order and so all of the Mai hunters try to kill him in an alley but Chloe saves his life when she is walking home and scares off the hunters somehow
Kelsey Carrabre
06/17/12 at 08:32pm

If you want to save this show go to
Go to hot petitions and click the nine lives of Chloe king and enter you and all of your friends names we need 200,000 petitions signed and we are only at 65% please this is the only possible way to keep this show
06/17/12 at 05:39pm

I'm now officialy PISSED!!!
06/16/12 at 05:50pm

ABCfamily sucks I recommend NObody watch I mean is chloe and alek gonna end up together well none of us will know now so I'm MADDDDD 😡😡😡😡😡😡
06/13/12 at 07:46pm

When i was sick at hospital i loved this show it made me feel. like i can get through anything
06/07/12 at 07:10pm

I'M SO MAD!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Why would they cancel this show?!!! This was a great story line!!! Now I'm going to wonder if Brian is dead or not!!! This is just not fair!!! And by the way THEY TOOK OFF MY STATE OF GEORGIA TOO!!!! SO MAD!!! I was looking forward to my summer shows!!! Now I have to find another line up on another network!!! MY SUMMER TV IS RUINED!!!! I'M SO DONE WITH ABC FAMILY!!!
06/07/12 at 04:33pm

Yeah, canceling was the worst choice ever. Idiots.
06/05/12 at 04:33pm

i love this show how u gana take it off my hole family loves it no jok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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