Emily Owens, M.D.

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Oct 16, 2012 - Feb 05, 2013


The CW


Drama / Medical




Emily - Mamie GummerWill - Justin HartleyCassandra - Aja Naomi KingTyra - Kelly McCrearyMicah - Michael RadyGina - Necar Zadegan

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A medical drama following a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital.

Emily Owens is an eager first-year intern ready to leave school behind and focus on her medical career. She did not expect that her high school nemesis would also be interning at the same hospital, and that they would be competing for things all over again.

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05/22/13 at 01:56pm

I really enjoyed tbis show. Seems again that anothef good clean show has been cancelled. Scary that the reality, evil and trashy shows stay on the air.
05/01/13 at 09:43pm

I'm so sad! I absolutely adored that show, I felt I could connect with Emily and how awkward she is. I think they should at least finish the season, I mean, you can't end a series on a cliff hanger!!!!
04/27/13 at 12:48pm

Love,love, this show...can't believe they cancelled it..why do they always cancel the good shows?!!!
04/23/13 at 08:28pm

TBS here's another well written and acted show... Pick it up for your fall lineup. Prove the CW wrong. We know you like to save these favorites!
04/21/13 at 07:20pm

Are you sure you can't bring this one back.. REALLY loved the inner conflict she always had. Made me laugh.... If I said Please????
04/19/13 at 10:55am

I'm from the Netherlands and I watched all 13 pisodes of this show. I really loved it! I'm sure that many other people watched it as it was aired during prime-time. It's a real bummer that it has been cancelled! I don't understand why CW doesnt finish at least the first season. (They're jerks for not letting us know how the story ends!) The rights of the show being selled to other countries clearly shows that they definitely could've earned enough money with it..
04/15/13 at 10:37am

This show was amazing! reminded me of an early Grey's Anatomy... but with a HAPPY doctor! I loved the interaction between the characters, and things were JUST getting good when they cancelled... At least finish the first season so we know who she chooses! who she REALLY chooses!
04/15/13 at 10:27am

Loved this show. So sorry to see that it got the boot. Now, we will never know what happens.....please, please bring it back!!
04/09/13 at 06:22pm

Thank God that horrible piece of crap has been cancelled!!! Total waste of film!! Dr talking to herself, really, they couldn't come up with anything better!!
03/25/13 at 09:16pm

i am so disapointed , i just said to myself where is emily, and i looked on my tivo n nothing.. so i come here to find that my show is cancelled.. how dare!!! so sad, i loved the clean fun story lines that you could just laugh out loud with.. please reconsider...

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