Emily Owens, M.D.

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Oct 16, 2012 - Feb 05, 2013


The CW


Drama / Medical




Emily - Mamie GummerWill - Justin HartleyCassandra - Aja Naomi KingTyra - Kelly McCrearyMicah - Michael RadyGina - Necar Zadegan

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A medical drama following a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital.

Emily Owens is an eager first-year intern ready to leave school behind and focus on her medical career. She did not expect that her high school nemesis would also be interning at the same hospital, and that they would be competing for things all over again.

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03/19/13 at 05:03pm

AWwww i really liked this how i was hooked on it.:( kind of sad :(
03/18/13 at 10:04pm

This was one of my favorite shows. Please reconsider and bring it back
03/10/13 at 03:32pm

Guys... The reason that networks cancel shows is simply because of low ratings. If a show has low ratings, it shows that not enough people are watching it. There nothing that the TV network can do after getting ratings like this show. The last episode ranked at .3, which means that less than 1 million people watched it. A network can't just keep filming a show that is making no money. This was an unsuccessful show. The 900,000 that watched it are just going to have to be disappointed. Sometimes numbers just aren't high enough.
03/08/13 at 01:23pm

This is a really fun show to watch. I just got several people hooked on watching. Makes you laugh. Good medicine.
Cecilia Fekete
03/07/13 at 12:31pm

My husband and I are so disappointed for canceling this very entertaining show. This show was one of our favorite ! We don't understand why the good, clean shows get always cancelled? Please reconsider!
03/06/13 at 07:17pm

Please renew. I love this show. I so agree that reality shows have run their course and I like the story lines.
Kim Tyrell
03/03/13 at 03:28pm

Please please rethink this. There are only a few shows that we can watch as a family and this was one of them Sell it to another network if you feel the need to replace it. It was getting so interesting and it had only begun.
03/02/13 at 09:22pm

I got my mom and sister into Emily MD and I laugh out loud with this wonderful show and its suppose to be set in my home town. Plzzzz bring her back.
03/02/13 at 11:07am

Fans are still trying to save the show - email, call do what you can! Info on twitter at Kifness or mailinemilyowens dot blogspot dot com.
We MUST save this show!!!
02/27/13 at 03:58pm

Come onnnnnn FOX!!! Emily was great

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