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Jul 09, 2012 - Mar 17, 2015




Drama / Crime




Daniel - Eric McCormackKate - Rachael Leigh CookMax - Arjay SmithNatalie - Kelly Rowan

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A crime drama following a neuroscientist who assists with FBI cases.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric, yet talented, neuroscientist. So talented, in fact, that he is enlisted by the FBI to help solve some of their most complex cases. There, Dr. Pierce works on a team including one of his former students who has joined the bureau, as well as his teaching assistant and best friend.

Comments (62)

08/03/16 at 08:35am

Really liked this and like to see it return.
Natalia Shekhova
07/08/16 at 05:12am

I love Perception! It has been a favorite,must watch series for me!PLEASE,BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!
12/30/15 at 08:59pm

Sucks that this was cancelled, and to just leave it off on a cliffhanger at that! Couldn't they have just come up with maybe a two hour long movie/wrap up (like show two shows back to back) or they, could have at least brought it back for one more season but maybe shortened so to wrap all loose ends up and all. *sigh*
12/03/15 at 02:02pm

Has TNT gone the way of other networks (A&E) and canceling good shows. I wonder who makes these stupid decisions. Have they no reasoning abilities nor taste for good performances and story lines. REALLY?????????
Molly Murphy
07/19/15 at 09:57am

This show should be back on TV. One of the best. It makes you think differently- which is good.There are a lot of viewers that could relate to the conflicts he experienced. At the end of each show we are given something to think about. I know I look at people a lot differently and respect the other possibilities now. The shows replacing Perception don't even come close to the standard of viewing. I hope someone in charge of this decision is reading what the dedicated fans are saying. BRING PERCEPTION BACK PLEASE- SOON.
05/28/15 at 03:53pm

I really loved this show. Who decides? Usually TNT sticks with it shows. This should be one of them!
ron davis
05/23/15 at 06:53pm

One of the few shows my wife and I really loved..hope you re-consider
sherry m
05/17/15 at 09:36pm

This was my favorite show...can't understand why it was
cancelled. Who is it that votes on this? It certainly
doesn't reflect the wishes of the viewers...big mistake!
05/12/15 at 06:48pm

I just discovered this show, my mom told me about it and I love it. My mom is 86 and this is one of the few shows she likes and now it is cancelled. Very disappointed in TNT, this is a great show.
05/10/15 at 09:32am

I agree with Lee, why do the networks cancel all the decent shows and then keep the mindless reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and anybody else that has the nerve to put ALL their family drama on the television.

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