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Feb 06, 2012 - May 26, 2013








Julia - Debra MessingDerek - Jack DavenportKaren - Katharine McPheeIvy - Megan HiltyTom - Christian BorleEileen Rand - Anjelica Huston

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A musical drama following the creation of a new Broadway show.

In Smash, a writing duo come up with the idea to base a new stage show on Marilyn Monroe. In competition for the role of the iconic lead are an experienced chorus girl and a promising newcomer.

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08/22/13 at 03:38pm

Am really gutted that this show has been cancelled was loving it, I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Ivy and Derek.
Shame another great show bites the dust.
Plus side loved the last ep go Ivy :)
08/05/13 at 07:16am

I like Smash, the whole cast got terrific talents, once NBC cancelled another great show. How stupidity they are. Megan Hilty is one great broadway actress, she deserve an emmy for that. Oh well.
07/22/13 at 02:08pm

Canceling SMASH was a huge mistake. This was a really good show with very good talent.
There are some reality shows that are enjoyable but there are enough of those shows on TV. Cancelling SMASH? What were you thinking?
It is so sad that you have to put so much emphasis on ratings in your decision to keep a show. What age group are you targeting? I am an elderly individual and found a lot of enjoyment out of SMASH! You should be ashamed of yourselves.
06/27/13 at 05:51pm

NBC how would you like it if the world Cancelled you??? This was a really great show...You have cancelled a lot of everyones hit shows in the past, but this one was really great..right up to the series "24" leaving. This programs needs to come back. The show had great talent, plot and stars in I like everyone else, ask you to please reconsider cancelling the show. Please Fight with every last part of you and your viewer to bring this show back. We all love it. Please. Thank you.
06/13/13 at 05:42pm

I AM IN SHOCK!! Why is this fabulous show cancelled?? PLEASE reconsider!
06/03/13 at 12:23pm

I really can't believe that you are going to cancel a show with some real talent and leave on those stupid reality shows. this show really has talent and is very refreshing from all those other shows. please rethink your decision and give the viewers want they want.
06/03/13 at 03:27am

I can't believe this show was cancelled! I looked forward to watching it every week. So much better than any of the reality drivel that is everywhere now. Once again, a good show with people of talent is cut....go figure.
S. Connolly
06/01/13 at 06:15am

Great show! Don't lrt it end.
Cassandra Jackson
06/01/13 at 05:53am

I was shocked to hear that Smash was canceled!!! I loved this show and hope you bring it back. There isn't anything like this on TV. I looked forward to watching it each week, I even taped it when I wasn't home. Please bring it back. Thanks Cassandra Jackson
05/30/13 at 07:21pm

Please bring it back!!! I absolutely LOVED the show and was devastated to hear of the cancellation...please, please, please bring it back!

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