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Feb 06, 2012 - May 26, 2013








Julia - Debra MessingDerek - Jack DavenportKaren - Katharine McPheeIvy - Megan HiltyTom - Christian BorleEileen Rand - Anjelica Huston

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A musical drama following the creation of a new Broadway show.

In Smash, a writing duo come up with the idea to base a new stage show on Marilyn Monroe. In competition for the role of the iconic lead are an experienced chorus girl and a promising newcomer.

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cinder sally
05/29/13 at 09:19pm

This was interesting to all ages I will watch all the DVD's and to hhecck with NBC
05/27/13 at 08:55pm

So disappointed that this show was canceled. This was the only NBC show I watched. So tired of "reality" garbage. Nice to see some real talent in a show.
05/27/13 at 04:34pm

What in the world are you thinking NBC, cancelling Smash. This is our favorite show as a family. Please bring this outstanding program back.
Kathleen Feldmann
05/27/13 at 02:00pm

Please bring Smash back why have you chosen to cancel this amazing talented show? I can't say how many of my friends and family watch this show . Its like going to Broadway every week . Please fight to keep this show.
05/27/13 at 12:33pm

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it's not so. I LOVE SMASH!!!!! This show is so much better than most airing now. They have lost their minds.
Vera Prescott
05/27/13 at 10:48am

I hate that Smash was cancelled. It is a show I really will miss a lot. Is there any chance another network may pick it up?
05/27/13 at 09:51am

Really? This is crazy Smash was one of the best shows on TV I can't believe your cancelling it! Why? really believe NBC doesn't know what your doing all your put on a great show and take it off in 2 yrs or less! This is one of my favorite shows, so upset right now.You need to rethink this !
05/27/13 at 08:32am

Smash is one of the best shows on TV. If It's canceled and goes to another broadcasting company I will go there to watch it. This has great actors and great music. NBC has missed a great opportunity to have something of value on its show list. Too bad for NBC.
05/25/13 at 07:57am

Nooooo, I seriously love this show! I'm truly shocked to see that it has been cancelled! I hope that another network does pick it up!!
05/24/13 at 09:58am

Great show

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