The Mob Doctor

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Sep 17, 2012 - Jan 07, 2013








Grace - Jordana SpiroAlexander - William ForsytheOlivia - Jaime Lee KirchnerFranco - James CarpinelloDanny - Jesse Lee SofferBrett - Zach Gilford

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A drama following a surgeon who moonlights as a doctor to the mafia.

Grace Devlin is a talented resident at a Chicago hospital. But thanks to her brother's dealings with the mob, she is caught between two worlds - furthering her promising career and being forced to repay the family debt by helping the mafia men she despises.

Comments (214)

03/20/13 at 03:51pm

you guys are not paying attention to the people who watch tv.its sad that you canceled. the mob doctor bring it back get rid of some of the other crap show
03/10/13 at 10:48pm

I hope someone else picks tjis show up
JoAnne Vrmette
03/04/13 at 09:46am

This really sucks this show was just starting to really pick up and now it is not going to get a chance to really shine. This should have been given a better chance.
02/21/13 at 04:14pm

I can't believe it. This is the best new show in TV in a long time. Very disappointing.
02/21/13 at 10:30am

please bring back mob doctor...its a great show. please stop cancelling all the good shows
02/21/13 at 02:01am

Loved this show ! What are they thinking ?
02/19/13 at 01:15am

This is why im canceling my cable service and just sticking to hulu and netflix
02/19/13 at 01:09am

Grrr! There are plenty of less desirable shows fox could can. Why plugg Mob Docs so much and get us all amped up to take it away? Love you Keifer but touched has gotta go!
Sherry Lewis
02/17/13 at 08:23pm

I can't believe you cancelled this show. I'm so tired of the networks getting you sucked into a show, cancels it and just leaves you hanging. You all could at least give us an ending.
02/14/13 at 10:32pm

I really liked the mob doctor. Wish they would bring it back.. I never did watch touched. Couldn't get into it. So bring back the good show. And that's the mob doctor..

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