The New Normal

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Sep 10, 2012 - Apr 02, 2013








Jane - Ellen BarkinDavid - Justin BarthaGoldie - Georgia KingRocky - NeNe LeakesBryan - Andrew RannellsShania - Bebe Wood

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A comedy following a gay couple who start a family with the help of a single mother who becomes their surrogate.

Bryan and David are a Los Angeles couple who have it all - with one exception: a baby. When they meet Goldie - a young single mother looking to leave behind her dead-end life and closed-minded grandmother - they enlist her to become their surrogate.

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11/14/13 at 07:30am

The homosexual agenda? What agenda is that? People who are gay can live together and raise a child?
People like you are more interested in spreading your hate agenda than watching a great show with witty writing. Go troll somewhere else.
Amy fielding
10/09/13 at 08:24am

This is a shame. This was a funny show that week to week I couldn't believe they said
That. It broke boundaries and was amazing! Summer show please NBC!
Daryl Mosely
08/29/13 at 05:04pm

Good riddance. Another worthless show pushing the homosexual agenda. It's cancellation was a good decision.
06/02/13 at 06:41pm

Uh.....they DID end the show with the birth of the baby. I guess it's watching two guys raise the child that the network felt America was not ready to watch in their living rooms. Great show, smartly and intelligently written. Going to miss it a lot!
If any of you that said you hated it after the first or second show had stuck around and supported it, you would have seen it for what it was, a way of exposing tiny little narrow minds to the idea that we (gay men and women) are just as capable and just as wanting, to have and raise children as our straight counterparts.
I have friends that adopted a newborn, and they are better parents than just about any straight couple I know of. How many straight parents have started teaching their children 3 languages AND American Sign Language before the age of 2? They can better communicate before the child has fully developed vocal skills and she is able to relate exactly what she wants or needs, making her an extremely happy and content baby. And no, neither father is hearing impaired, nor is the child. Just smart and progressive thinking.
Really a shame we lost this show. Stereotypes or not, it was on OUR side, as some of you failed to recognize. That is all most see us as anyway, so how better to relate to the ignorant?!
05/30/13 at 07:03pm

finally!!! it really never should have made it to air. but glad to see that it is cancelled. too much of this vapid mess and trying to turn 'reality tv' personalities into 'stars' on the air already. hope more execs follow THIS lead.
Amy N.
05/23/13 at 09:20pm

i tried to watch one episode...tried. not even in the same league as modern family.
05/22/13 at 04:56pm

Thank God they stuck a fork in this and it is over. NeNe can't act her way out of a paper bag. All she can do is act up...
05/22/13 at 09:24am

This show sucks..............literally sucks.
05/17/13 at 08:54pm

Good thank "YOU, now we see some interesting people that really was a was awful show
05/14/13 at 06:51pm

I thought this show was awesome! My girlfriend and I loved it! I laughed my ass off by all the cleaver writing that was in the show. If you really weren't watching you would have missed it. I loved the social & political stereotypes. NEW NORMAL you will be missed!

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