The New Normal

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Sep 10, 2012 - Apr 02, 2013








Jane - Ellen BarkinDavid - Justin BarthaGoldie - Georgia KingRocky - NeNe LeakesBryan - Andrew RannellsShania - Bebe Wood

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A comedy following a gay couple who start a family with the help of a single mother who becomes their surrogate.

Bryan and David are a Los Angeles couple who have it all - with one exception: a baby. When they meet Goldie - a young single mother looking to leave behind her dead-end life and closed-minded grandmother - they enlist her to become their surrogate.

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05/13/13 at 03:09pm

Couldn't compete with Modern Family to save it's life!
Andrew Sullivan
05/12/13 at 11:20am

They should have at least ended it with the birth of their baby, give people some closure.
05/11/13 at 11:09am

i agree patrick, im also gay. I watched the first episode of this show and turned it off. So many stereotypes, annoying, petty and just cringeworthy. Im glad to see it's gone.
05/09/13 at 02:34pm

So full of stereotypes it is absolutely painful; I'm gay, so of course I want as many shows enlightening the general public about homosexuality as possible; but I just hate this show, from Ellen Barkin's "Archie Bunker" routine to the cropped slacks and "sockless" Oxfords they dress Andrew Randells in for every single scene.
05/08/13 at 08:05am

This show's depiction of other minorities reflects Ryan Murphy's trademark ignorance, racism, and misogyny. He just does not understand women as real people instead of caricatures. Does he think it's edgy to write lines saying intersex people are losers, or that lesbians look like ugly men? Then to meet that criticism, he has Leisha Hailey show up for a token 10 seconds. His VO about women and men and work was staggeringly off-base, and did a great job of perpetuating the myths about women and work. This show is horrible. I love the actors, but the writing is abysmal. I don't know how Ali Adler can reconcile her own reality with what she's doing with this show. Ryan Murphy is not the answer.
05/06/13 at 07:30am

Why does every character talk like a 30-something gay man. The child actor is so ridiculous saying some of these lines that it makes the show a huge BOMB!!!!
Tim Baio
05/04/13 at 05:46pm

LOVE this show, please renew. I have read several comments from people who have said that they did not think they would like it because it deals with a gay couple and now they like it. I think that is one of the points of this witty, funny, and educational show. I would hope that in this day and age that a show like this could flourish and continue to help educate our vast and diverse country. I hope the positive comments will result in a positive outcome for the new normal.
Aaron A.
05/04/13 at 10:46am

Looks like these comments are about 50/50. I'm a homo and even I hate this show and pray for its cancellation. I don't think there's anything "new" about it, the characters are boring and predictable and the writing is lame and unoriginal. The show officially lost me with the "Boy Scouts" episode where that fat boy scout dad actually admitted to the main character that he complained about him being a boy scout role model and instead of reacting the way any respectable gay person would, which is GIVE HIM A PIECE OF THEIR MIND, he just accepted it and shut the door. This crappy show still perpetuates the idea that we are second-class citizens and it's okay to sh*t on us and sometimes, that's just how it ends. I set my DVR to NEVER record that show again after that episode and it needs to get cancelled. Good riddance!
05/03/13 at 06:57pm

Renew this show!
05/02/13 at 08:05pm

I've seen a couple comments saying the acting is bad.... WHAT!?
Dudes, you do know reality TV isn't real right?
Anyways this show shows how times are changing. If we get rid of it so many kids/teens/adults will lose a sense of pride.
This show is true to it's meaning and it's beautiful.
And if people really have an issue with acting, why don't they, instead of cancelling it. Pay to get the actors more training. You can tell they are all new actors. (Besides the woman you see on Glee) and they just need a little push.
Honestly this show is a great show and sends a VERY important message.
It says "Time's are changing" and everyone loves a show like that. A show where the characters stand up for what it right.
So again, don't get rid of it.
I know your ratings aren't the best after "The Voice" ends... but think about the 2 million people you'll still be letting down....

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