Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Sep 17, 2013 - Sep 16, 2021








Jake - Andy SambergRay - Andre BraugherAmy - Melissa FumeroTerry - Terry CrewsCharles - Joe Lo TruglioRosa - Stephanie BeatrizGina - Chelsea Peretti

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A comedy following a carefree detective and his uptight captain.

Detective Jake Peralta is a laid-back but good cop who doesn't exactly follow the rules too closely. When his precinct gets Captain Ray Holt as its new commanding officer, Jake's relaxed way of doing things doesn't quite jive with the new boss' way of doing things.

Comments (24)

03/05/14 at 08:56am

Thou shall not cancel 99.
02/10/14 at 02:43pm

I'm not going to lie.. I laugh... not at everything but enough that I continue to watch. (it has the feel of The Office but at a police station) I see it as having potential.
02/03/14 at 02:58pm

It is a funny show, however it has dropped since its first episode. I also am not particularly thrilled with the gay agenda behind it. If it gets canned I won't shed a tear.
01/27/14 at 09:10am

No one who has seen this show can say it is bad. It is the funniest show on TV hands down overall! I see nothing funnier than this show in a loooooooooooong time!
01/14/14 at 06:15am

I really hope the golden globe nods will lead to another season! My favorite show on TV right now.
28 Scooter
01/13/14 at 05:01pm

Best Police comedy since Barney Miller, very close to the Squad in old 66 Precinct except the Local Rabbi actually ran the show.
01/08/14 at 10:37am

I'm surprised it's survived as long as it has. It's awful and I don't understand what people see in it. It's not funny. Just another example of terrible network programming.
01/03/14 at 01:02pm

I really REALLY hope it wont be cancelled. This is the best sit-com I've seen since Modern Family.
But... considering how many of my friends I think would find it unfunny I wouldn't be all that surprised if it's cancelled.
Mrs. Cleaver
12/23/13 at 04:18pm

I only catch this show on DVR but it's SO funny. Well worth checking out if you have never seen it.
12/16/13 at 04:51am

don't anyone dare cancel Brooklyn nine nine

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