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Apr 15, 2013 - Aug 28, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Nolan - Grant BowlerAmanda - Julie BenzIrisa - Stephanie LeonidasDatak - Tony CurranStahma - Jaime MurrayKenya - Mia KirshnerRafe - Graham Greene

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A sci-fi drama set in a border town on Earth in 2046.

In the year 2046, Earth has changed. There are now a multitude of alien races living on the planet, and the landscape has been terraformed beyond recognition. In the border town of Defiance - formerly St. Louis - events start to occur that threaten the fragile peace this town and its residents have fought for.

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Barry Memory
06/21/16 at 01:37am

Very good show with a very good premise. Problem was it was too complicated. Trying to keep up with all of the different races could give somebody a headache.
05/11/16 at 10:31am

Sad to see it gone, I miss looking forward to watching the next episode. Great Finale...Just wanted More :(
03/08/16 at 08:40pm

Can't believe they cancelled this show, how pathetic Defiance was awesome! Put it back on pigs
02/28/16 at 03:46pm

SHOCKED! ON this decision and Dominion! Agree with Joshua cancel all the great Syfy shows and keep on with the same-o same-o crap cop & hospital shows!! what crap!
02/10/16 at 02:39pm

Loved this show, one of the best since Firefly
Caz Dark
01/31/16 at 01:14pm

When I saw the season finale back in August, I had a conversation with my family and it seemed to us that it was a series finale. As far as I'm concerned, the last episode they aired was as good an ending as we'll get.
I am sad that it was cancelled but it had a better fate than most shows that get cancelled. Waaaay better series finale than Falling Skies had, that's for sure.
12/16/15 at 04:41pm

Put that show back on the air!!! We needed something like this for a long time.
12/01/15 at 02:42pm

The rating system a true ratings. For instance When we fill out rating sheet and mark we watch walk dead live., when in truth it was a recording. Not a fact and not fair to other series that shared a rating time slot for any other series. I try not to get attached to series cause the rating set up for series failure😠
11/26/15 at 10:33pm

Good, it needs to come back. Too many good shows are being taking off the air. Yes I realize there is a expense, but really, just one season then you pull them? Why even show them at all then? You get us hooked then stop. Not fair, glad you brought this back but bring back others too
11/17/15 at 09:56am

Not really shocked. They killed off too many characters that I enjoyed watching at the beginning and I was disappointed in the remainder of the season.

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