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Oct 25, 2013 - Jan 24, 2014




Drama / Horror




Dracula - Jonathan Rhys MeyersJonathan - Oliver Jackson-CohenMina/Ilona - Jessica De GouwVan Helsing - Thomas KretschmannLucy - Katie McGrathR.M. - Nonso AnozieLady Jayne - Victoria Smurfit

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A drama that puts a sophisticated, but twisted spin on Bram Stocker's classic novel.

In the late 19th century, the mysterious Dracula has arrived in London posing as an American entrepreneur looking to bring modern science to Victorian society. But the true reason for his travels is a plan to extract revenge against those who cursed him with immortality centuries ago. His plan appears to be going smoothly until he becomes interested in a woman who appears to be a reincarnation of his dead wife.

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07/18/14 at 04:31pm

Dracula,was one of the best shows nbc had on t.v.its a shame that they cancelled it please bring Dracula back. Nbc should listen to the fans of thr show we want Dracula back.
07/16/14 at 12:20pm

I agree Dracula is one of the best shows on t.v. When i would go to work i would dvr the show i couldn't wait to get home to watch it . I didnt know anything about the show or when it was coming out i was going though the channels and seen it and i love it. Nbc made a big mistake by taking off Dracula. Whoever made the decision should be fired. Because Dracula had way better ratings than hannibal. Shame on u Nbc. U should listen to the viewers and not about money.
07/15/14 at 02:00pm

It's far from one of my favourite shows, but I don't get why it was cancelled. It had a pretty good plot and it was fun to see so many good actors and actresses like Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bend it Like Beckham), Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), Nonso Anozie (Game of Thrones), Katie McGrath (Merlin).
Really too bad, I would have continued seeing it.
07/07/14 at 11:33am

NBC! You are a disappointment to viewers all over for cancelling Dracula! it was an amazing show! so Amazing that many are pleading to bring it back, yet you are still stupid enough not to listen to the viewers voice that really matters! what's wrong with your network, your the only network that seems to be confused on what shows you air! NO other network has that drama! something is definitely wrong with you people, I refuse to view anything more on your network after canceling Dracula, Believe me when i say, you will finish soon because i am not the only one who feels this way! SHAM ON YOU! you make the worst network shine!
06/27/14 at 08:22am

Why is it that every great show like this one gets cancelled and all thoes stupied like house wifes and others like it stay on. Nbc should be cancelled im just going to watch cable and Netflix its like getting into a relationship and having her or him leave you when things are going good.
I think these people are the type that sit up and watch jerry springer and shows like that all day. If your not a show that people are making a fool of themselfs they cancel it. Nbc sucks same with fox, all dumb assess.
06/26/14 at 08:32pm

In order to make it on tv you have to be some mindless reality show or some stupid sitcom that follows no story plots. because unfortunately the majority of people that watch tv are to short minded to follow a good story line. maybe if they would have made him twinkle in the sun light like Edward he would have survived.
06/24/14 at 09:15pm

networks are controlled by the corrupt just like the government God bless this world and all in it. I don't watch much t.v. but every show I ever get into gets canceled and if I could I would cancel my network but my wife does not think she can go without being able to watch her lifetime and other crap shows that the aluminate use to brain wash
06/24/14 at 05:59pm

Why was is cancelled. I thought it was a good show.
06/22/14 at 09:23pm

Another superbly produced show that I enjoy shelved. If means anything please bring it back.
06/20/14 at 08:36am

Here we go again another great show cancelled --- by the morons in charge -- who ever is on the "cancellation crowd" should be FIRED !! I get so sick of this --a really good show and once again GONE !!

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