Masters of Sex

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Sep 29, 2013 - Nov 30, 2016








William - Michael SheenVirginia - Lizzy CaplanLibby - Caitlin FitzgeraldDr. Langham - Teddy SearsDr. Haas - Nicholas D'Agosto

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A drama following two pioneering researchers of human sexuality.

William Masters, a brilliant scientist, and Virginia Johnson, a single working mother, are considered pioneers in the science of human sexuality. Their research helped spark the sexual revolution, taking them from a mid-western hospital to the cover of Time Magazine. This period drama chronicles their unusual lives, romance, and influence on pop culture.

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01/29/20 at 11:44pm

Masters of sex, but not raining. Brutally funny Hollywood reviews podcast
Just Someone
02/11/17 at 05:52pm

Too good to be true... I think it was cancelled because they got rid of all the sex scenes of the first season. The writers threw those in to get all the pervs hooked and when they lessened them the ratings went down. all they had to do was bring the sex scenes back then I could thank the pervs for keeping the show on! (the sex scenes were neither here nor there for me, but if they keep the show on I'm all for them!)
11/30/16 at 10:04pm

I knew this was going to be the end. Everything wrapped up too perfectly in that last episode.
Appropriate to end the series here, despite the fact I will miss seeing new episodes.
11/28/15 at 10:09pm

Absolutely brilliant! They got the old-timey vibe perfectly. Can't wait for season 4.
09/26/14 at 02:37pm

This show is absolutely brilliant! I love it so much!
Joseph Montes
09/10/14 at 11:45am

Oops, "Story of My Life" episode ; Libby uses a wireless remote to shut off a television, not possible, didn't have "wireless" remotes back then ... don't believe me, look it up ... Still love the show !!!
08/29/14 at 11:28am

LOVE it !!! Yeah, Paila, Libby Rocks kinda Grace Kellyesque ... I find Kaplan especially alluring this season, very nice . Give me more !!!
Paila friedman
07/21/14 at 01:11pm

Great show I had to buy season. 1
Please keep show going. Love Love Libby Cannot Take my eyes off of her she has Star quality. Everything about show brilliant
05/30/14 at 12:32pm

WOW !!! Only 3 comments, talk about apathy. Oh well I don't care, I really like the show, so much in fact that I am willing to watch it AND let others know. I can hardly wait for it to return.
Love it!!!!
02/20/14 at 04:25pm

I normally don't watch MA shows...... But this one ROCKS!!!

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