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Oct 17, 2013 - Jun 16, 2017


The CW






Mary - Adelaide KanePrince Francis - Toby RegboBash - Torrance CoombsQueen Catherine - Megan FollowsKing Henry - Alan Van SprangGreer - Celina SindenKenna - Caitlin StaseyLola - Anna PopplewellAylee - Jenessa Grant

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A period drama following the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1557 France.

Mary Stuart is a young woman the world would eventually come to know as Mary, Queen of Scots.

Before her tumultuous rise to power, she is already passionate and poised as she arrives in France to secure Scotland's strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged engagement to the French king’s son, Prince Francis. But with politics, religion, and secret agendas involved, the arrangement faces many complications.

Mary is met with more troubles such as foes conspiring to sabotage her marriage and threaten her life. She also becomes aware of other dark forces - a mysterious presence in the castle who may become her unlikely ally. With danger at every turn, Mary, along with her ladies-in-waiting, must prepare to rule the new land and balance the demands of her country and her heart.

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connie mcclanahan
04/09/20 at 07:07pm

I absolutely loved the show. I didn’t care for the ending. So many things not concluded or resolved.
Patricia Graci
06/02/18 at 08:25pm

Great show terrible conclusion but in real history she is executed
06/16/17 at 07:45pm

I just saw the last episode and after the way it ended there is no returning😖😖
06/16/17 at 07:20pm

Again, a very good series is coming to an end... I hope there is a chance for reconsideration and keep it on the air. Recently another show that was cancelled was brought back due to its viewers!
02/04/17 at 02:02am

I love this show because the characters are interesting, the costumes and set decorations are beautiful. We are 50 years old and it's perfect for just about any age group to watch. So sorry to hear it is ending after season 4.
12/10/16 at 10:13pm

Such a shame.
This is one of the most underrated shows on TV.
If this would have been on almost any other network, it would have done much better. It's sad that so many people think it's just a "teen show" cause it's on the CW.
12/08/16 at 06:33pm

As for saying thanks CW four seasons isn't enough to justify a good run ..
im very disappointed...
12/08/16 at 06:32pm

Im totally gutted ... Great period drama longing for next season and its getting canned in 16 episodes
what's next outlander ... Ffs America stop having stations cancel bloody damn good shows ....
mike dobey
12/07/16 at 05:14pm

I am surprised that this lasted so long. I really like the show though!. It's good and this is sad news that there's no season 5. However , thanks to the cw for staying with this show!.
12/07/16 at 04:13pm

Now CW needs to renew Flash,Arrow,Legends of Tomorrow, and Supernatural.

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