Under the Dome

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Jun 24, 2013 - Sep 10, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Dale - Mike VogelJulia - Rachelle LefevreJoe - Colin FordLinda - Natalie MartinezJames - Dean NorrisJunior - Alexander KochAngie - Britt RobertsonCarolyn - Aisha HindsPhil - Nicholas StrongDodee - Jolene Purdy

A sci-fi drama based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

In the near future, the residents of Chester's Mill find themselves cut off from the rest of the world when a mysterious, impenetrable barrier surrounds their town. While panic fills the streets, a small group of people attempt to maintain order and uncover the truth behind the phenomenon - including how to escape from it.

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09/03/15 at 02:32pm

I tried to watch this season. The last two were awesome, however, I am not sure what the writers did this season. I watched the first 3-4 episodes, but just couldn't get into this season. Too bad, I'm a huge Stephen King fan and really couldn't wait for this season to start. I'm so disappointed and understand completely why CBS cancelled it this season.
Michael Tau'ri
08/31/15 at 05:51pm

This season was crappy.. The last two I LOVED IT. This season wtf happened to the writers.
David Wood
08/24/15 at 08:39am

Something feels off this season.
People captured, rescued, or escaping, over and over. Like musical chairs. Feels like the plot line is being overly stretched just to fill in the time.
I agree with other reviewers that it should have been a mini series. Right now, it's just unnecessarily stirring a soup that's cooked and ready to be served.
08/20/15 at 08:06pm

I love this show and how it keeps me wondering what is going to happen. The only thing I hate is that football interferes with my show. Now that it did come on I have to wait to see when and what time it is going to show. Football needs to be on a different channel.
Florida Alan
08/16/15 at 02:57pm

Usually my loyalty to shows benefits me but in this case it is a curse. I can't believe how incredibly bad this show has become. I don't care who lives or dies, whether people escape the dome or not, or whether it manages to come up with a decent ending or not. In my mind, I used to think "Well, its not as bad as Jericho." but, now, it is worse. It really would have taken a talented writing team just a long weekend to think this through and to come up with something entertaining for this season. Instead, they decided to throw everything into the blender and concocted a terrible brew. Please end this show asap.
08/11/15 at 08:57pm

Here's an idea. Follow the Stephen King story and do it as a mini-series. Your show sucks and you lack the imagination of an actual author. These writers are the same that feel the need to reboot a movie that is three years old.
the doctor
08/03/15 at 05:20am

halfway through series three it is now overblown garbage.
Shame as it was a good show. It is now just weird
07/31/15 at 00:55am

has under the dome been renewed for season 4
07/08/15 at 09:58am

Is it me, or is this show turning into LOST?
06/27/15 at 03:14am

OH NO! Barbie with someone else? I loved Barbie and Julia together. OH NO!

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