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Mar 03, 2013 - Dec 30, 2020








Ragnar - Travis FimmelRollo - Clive StandenEarl - Gabriel ByrneLagertha - Katheryn WinnickSiggy - Jessalyn GilsigAthelstan - George BlagdenFloki - Gustaf Skarsgard

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A drama following the saga of legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, his crew, and his family.

Inspired by the epic sagas about the trading and exploring Norsemen of early medieval Scandinavia, Vikings focuses on legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lodbrok, who was known for raiding France and England with his longships, and eventually becoming the king of Denmark and Sweden.

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Susan Turner
01/17/18 at 08:13pm

I love the show I’ve loved it from the beginning give you history and how they fought back then. I don’t understand why the history channel doesn’t do more.
michael dobey
09/12/17 at 04:29pm

Love this show! Ivar the boneless was not crippled in real life though. Still the great heathen army and he were real. And they destroyed half the country back then. leaving only wessex still around barely. And that's where we are in this show!
05/01/16 at 05:21pm

I love this show! Seriously wonder why the history channel doesn't do more dramas like these... you know historical.
04/14/16 at 11:23pm

Pillage and burn. Wow, what a horrifically wonderful series!
mike dobey
03/23/16 at 10:19am

very good. this show rocks. It's got a lot of great characters, even if the vikings were a bloodthirty lot.
The characters are based on real vikings. and ivar the boneless , ragnars son was a successful raider in his day. But this is woderful news. I don't know why people are talking about the 'following' on here. It was cancelled after it's second season. vikings is getting a fifth!
Pamela Gileno
03/25/14 at 05:51pm

Fantastic show. Now if Ragnar could just dump wife #2 and go get Lagertha back lol.
06/06/13 at 12:08pm

Love this show! We don't have nearly enough fiction playing with this period of history or these places and I'm thrilled it's been renewed. I would love to see a show set in the 5th century when a a volcanic eruption in central amercia triggered horrible weather that influenced northern Europe in such a way that they changed from pagan to christianity. Huge impact, very dramatic time with big changes but no one talks about it much.
06/04/13 at 10:46am

I love, love, love this show. I am sad not to see Gabriel Byrne make it longer, but his character had to go. An extra plus is we get a Skarsgard brother, Gustaf, who proves that Alexander isn't the only excellent actor sibling in the family. He is so much fun to watch as Floki. And where has this Travis Fimmel been? He's not just luscious to look at, but is a very talented actor. Also, I love the women characters, who had to be strong and fight along side their men, raise the children, hunt for food and protected their home and family when the men were gone. I knew that Vikings were more than raiding pillagers and bloody fighters. With this series I can see another side of them with their culture and religion and the harsh, unforgiving world they lived in. So, I'm hoping Jeremy is right about a 2nd season. They have to have one, they left so much in the air.
05/28/13 at 05:58pm

Nice to see someone present the Vikings authentically! AND it is a damn good show - må guderne velsigne det med evigt liv i Valhal!
04/30/13 at 09:31pm

Season 2 will begin production this summer to air in 2014.
:) I'm so happy:)

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