Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge

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Mar 25, 2014 - May 13, 2014








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A reality competition where contestants design and mechanize theatrical creatures.

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge tasks ten aspiring creature creators with bringing to life all sorts of theatrical creatures - and out-imagining each other in the process. Contestants will compete in challenges that highlight all phases of creature building, from conceptual design to sculpting and mechanization.

Each week judges will watch an on-set performance of the end result, with the eventual winner receiving a prize worth up to $100,000 including the opportunity for a contract working at the world-renowned Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Brian Henson acts as the lead judge, and is joined by industry veterans Beth Hathaway and Kirk R. Thatcher. Gigi Edgley of Farscape hosts the show.

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05/03/21 at 06:23pm

BRING IT BACK!!! I loved this show. So many great inspirations and ideas. I really wish it would come back..
04/07/17 at 01:59pm

Really loved this show it seems all my favorite shows get cancelled like Mike and Molly
11/14/15 at 06:57pm

Did anyone find out if Jim Henson's creature shop challenge ever made it for a second season ??? I've been searching and can't find anything yet. I really like that show I hope it is not canceled !
07/26/15 at 02:14am

I love this show!
07/16/15 at 10:04am

I loved this show! Some say it's cancelled but some say season 2 is planned but doesn't have a date yet...I hope it'll come back with a second season.😔
06/17/15 at 07:53pm

It was cancelled back around January due to high production costs.
05/25/15 at 00:15am

I went onto SyFy's website and JHCSC is not listed among their shows, it jumps right from "Hunters" to "Killjoys." Perhaps they ran into the same issue of high productions costs that The Jeff Dunham Show did over at Comedy Central years ago, which apparently had higher ratings than Tosh.0 but was cancelled while Tosh.0 wasn't.
Chamberlain Emery
04/08/15 at 11:33am

I don't understand how a show this good can be cancelled. It was so much better than Face Off and it's in it's seventh season. These artists were outrageously talented, and the stuff they could pull together in no time at all was beyond fabulous. I'm a sculptor and a monster maker but I keep all my monsters. My dream was to be able to visit Jim Henson's studio and see all the different mediums they have, and learn new things. I just wanted to watch and ask a few questions. I'm sad they are cancelled...but there's no accounting for Hollywood's taste, because Firefly and Crossbones were the two best series ever written and they were both cancelled, even though they still have huge amounts of loyal fans. Go figure!
01/21/15 at 04:18pm

This was fun and I especially enjoyed the little facts that Jim Hensen shared, such as Big Bird's feathers were all applied by hand and had his own seat when flying. Please bring it back!
12/24/14 at 09:58am

Seems like it has been canceled. Everything I have read talks about season 2 but doesn't say when. 😞

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