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Jul 27, 2014 - Dec 15, 2015






Abby - Rachel BrosnahanFritz - Michael ChernusJim - Christopher DenhamFrank - John Benjamin HickeyCharlie - Ashley Zukerman

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A drama following the lives of those responsible for the Manhattan Project in the 1940s.

This drama takes a look into the complicated lives of the men and women involved with The Manhattan Project, which is what led to the eventual creation of the atomic bomb. The scientists and their families face a daily struggle to live among the secrets and lies that come along with the job.

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02/12/16 at 03:31pm

As a historical drama, this show was a complete mess. The tensions between the groups developing the two types of bombs was a complete fiction. While there's no doubt the scientists who worked at the Manhattan Project were overwhelmingly male and white, the interjection of issues such as race, sexuality, and gender from a 21th century viewpoint had no place in a historical drama. However real at the time, they certainly had no impact on the actual development of the bomb. While the level of secrecy was extreme, there was no known precedent for the torture and imprisonment of scientists by the US military that was depicted.
If you viewed this drama as the development of the bomb in a weird, harsher alternate universe then it could be enjoyed. But WGN promoted this drama wrongly. I have no idea what the creative people behind it were thinking or even if they studied the Manhattan Project beyond reading a couple of articles.
The actual history of the bomb would make for a compelling drama. But it wouldn't be a ratings grabber and it's clear that's what WGN was trying for.
02/04/16 at 10:24pm

I'm glad this show got canceled, WGN America is a horrible station.
02/03/16 at 01:26pm

Just got Cancelled. :(
Confirmed by Katja on Twitter. :(
10/27/14 at 08:36pm

This show is brilliant!! A great historical drama drama. This is entertainment that doesn't insult your intelligence. Totally original. Excellent shocking edge of your seat finale, and thanks for the marathon, caught a lot stuff I missed before. WGN I'm impressed. Who'd a thought this small but die hard network producing such creative and entertaining shows - first Salem and now Manhattan - can't wait to see what's next. One request - and may have missed it on the site - but could you do something like Vikings on History does on their site - in response to viewers questions they explain scenes as to what is historically accurate or fiction or based on an actual or similar occurrence, key characters based on an historical figure with some interesting background info etc..looking forward to season 2.
10/27/14 at 04:19pm

LOVE this show!!!
06/30/14 at 09:47pm

WW3 approaching

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