Marry Me

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Oct 14, 2014 - Feb 17, 2015








Jake - Ken MarinoAnnie - Casey WilsonDennah - Sarah WrightGil - John GemberlingKay - Tymberlee HillKevin - Tim Meadows

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A comedy following a longtime couple's bumpy ride to the alter.

Jake and Annie have been together for six years. After a romantic getaway, Jake was just about to "pop the question" but Annie ruined his proposal attempt by giving him a hard time about not committing to their relationship.

They both decide to put off their engagement for now until it can be done right, but it ever be the perfect time?

Comments (13)

06/03/15 at 03:33am

I loved it!..II was quirky and cute. I the people that gave this a bad review are sadly mistaken. This is off the wall humor, I am curious as to what they think is funny?
03/16/15 at 09:03am

I like this show, it has one of the funniest casts on a sitcom since Friends. I'm hoping that is gets renewed, I really want to see where they go with the storyline.
02/18/15 at 01:33pm

This is Hilarious! One of the funniest shows on the network
11/27/14 at 07:53pm

Downhill slide.
11/18/14 at 08:33pm

Best show since arrested development , so above slap stick and truely captures this generation
11/18/14 at 06:11pm

11/06/14 at 01:57pm

I love this show! The season premier was hilarious.
10/30/14 at 09:51pm

Funniest new show this season.
10/28/14 at 09:30pm

This show makes me want to go outside and watch grass grow! Grass growing has more to offer! What type of idiots even allow this nonsense to get air time! It's an insult that network executives actually believe people are stupid enough to watch this idiocy! Demand better shows and boycott this nonsense. Force networks to stop being lazy and celebrating stupidity. Sooner or later better choices will be available. Good luck in the unemployment Line to the actors of this terminal nonsense show! Simply not smart, not funny!
Doc Hazel
10/21/14 at 06:45pm

My G*D!!- this thing actually made it through the hurdles of making a show onto the network???
Okay, so we have the Hangover character actor trying to be the Yoda of the group, the two gay fathers who love to wear sweaters tied around their necks? Finally, some woman who is fearful of her looks cause she is near 40?
Please, someone make me drink a gallon of mop water from Dallas Presbytarian Hospital ER before I have to watch or even think of another episode of this show.

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