True Detective

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Jan 12, 2014 - Present




Drama / Crime


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An anthology series that follows the investigation of a grisly crime.

Each season of this crime anthology employs a different cast and setting, following a new and self-contained narrative involving the investigation of a murder.

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Richard J. Blanco
02/08/15 at 08:05pm

This is great show it is dark but is has a good plot can't wait for the second season. What a awesome cast
rodeo cowboy
09/28/14 at 01:33pm

One of the best dective shows ever; as good as The Wire and edgier than Graceland or Longmire. All great shows. I'm bored with the CSIs and all the pretty faces like NCSI.
David Wood
07/01/14 at 08:28pm

I couldn't get past the senseless mutterings and mumblings of the two main stars.
Did I mention their murmurings and musings?
06/02/14 at 08:49am

The next season won't be with the same cast or story. It's meant for each season to be self-contained. Hearing rumors Brad Pitt will be cast in Season 2
04/16/14 at 01:46am

One of the best shows I've ever seen. Don't think it will get another series though. It finished naturally, where would it go? They said they'd never find the main group, the pastor chap got his just desserts. They'd have to link the group to the Aristocracy or something to make it interesting, or start a new theme that would not suit the time line. Matthew McConaughey is Oscar material now, he'll have so much on his plate. I'll be VERY excited if they do renew it, because they'd really have to up their game to be on par with the 1st series.
03/14/14 at 03:39am

amazing show, cannot wait to see the next season!
03/03/14 at 05:50pm

Great story telling and great acting! I look forward to settling in and watching the new episode each week. Bummed it's a short season. This show is the only reason I am keeping my HBO subscription.
02/24/14 at 05:24pm

One of the best "cop" shows ever ! Gets right down to the nitty gritty. Harrelson and McConaughey are absolutely spectacular ! Keep up the good work.
02/19/14 at 02:05pm

One of the best new shows ever! I hope this one is around for several seasons. There's far too many crappy, mindless shows on TV these days. Finally a show with some substance!
02/10/14 at 02:15pm

I agree with GAS.. I love how this show is unfolding... and I'm really enjoying both characters.. so different from each other but needing each other. Very cool and great for those of us who like to think through a show... those of us who love details.

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