Welcome To Sweden

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Jul 10, 2014 - Jul 26, 2015








Bruce - Greg PoehlerEmma - Josephine BornebuschViveka - Lena OlinWayne - Patrick DuffyNancy - Illeana Douglas

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A comedy following a husband who moves with his wife back to her native land in Sweden.

Bruce Evans and Emma Wiik are the perfect couple. They live in New York City, where he is a money manager to the stars, while she is a beautiful, funny, and kind woman from Sweden who captured Bruce's heart.

When Emma makes a major life decision to move back to Stockholm for a prestigious banking job, Bruce decides to make the move with her. But moving across the globe is a big step, and Bruce is faced with having no job, no friends, and a major culture shock.

Comments (6)

Aisha Taylor
03/28/18 at 01:33pm

I really liked this show, especially as an expat. It was funny and relatable.
08/18/15 at 07:47am

Well NBC/MSNBC you just lost me. You start rearranging MSNBC taking off the Cycle and now you have canceled Welcome to Sweden to make more room for things like Ninjas ?
ToDa Beach
05/24/15 at 01:34pm

Enjoy this show. But because I like it will most likely be cancelled, like Backstrom and Battle Creek. I am guessing many people can not be bothered with subtitles.
05/03/15 at 04:38am

I am so glad that this show was renewed.
01/18/15 at 03:14pm

Quirky, intelligent shows do not normally fare well. It would be a shame if Welcome To Sweden were cancelled. I have stopped watching network television almost altogether due to the current "dumbing down" blight.
10/29/14 at 03:40pm

This was one of the finest comedies I've seen for years.....the humor is great and i love that there's no moronic laugh track. So disappointing to see it will likely be cancelled. Guess there's no call for subtle humor anymore.

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