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Sep 12, 2014 - Dec 28, 2018




Drama / Horror




Hammond - Harold PerrineauGarnett - Tom Everett ScottCitizen Z - DJ QuallsMack - Michael WelchWarren - Kellita SmithDoc - Russell HodgkinsonMurphy - Keith AllanAddy - Anastasia BarinovaCassandra - Pisay Pao10K - Nat Zang

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A drama following the struggle to save humanity in a post-zombie apocalypse.

It has been three years since a zombie virus decimated America. A group of everyday heroes must now work to transport the only known survivor of the plague three thousand miles from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab awaits the arrival of his blood.

The antibodies this man carries are the world's last and best hope for a vaccine, but he harbors a dark secret that could threaten humankind's survival.

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01/05/16 at 12:28pm

I love both Z shows, the old one and this one. I find nothing inherently wrong the Z-strippers anymore than finding a nursery full of z-crib babies, or aborted z-fetus' in the labor ward. In fact it's Z Nation's ability to explore the possibilities that make this show a mark, IMHO, above the other. One of my favorite scenes was the z-geriatric ward. While we're at it, how about a z-plushy convention, or a z-comicon, since Halloween is out of the question as well as major holidays.
11/24/15 at 06:32am

Season 1 was okay, different with a little comedic wit to it. Then season 2 started. What a disaster! Show went completely off the rails, horrible writing. Zombie pole dancers? Really? What crap!
11/19/15 at 09:26am

I love this show. admittedly, its nit the best ever in certain aspects, but it is quirky & witty. A nice break from the "all-too-seriou" zombie apocalypse shows.
11/09/15 at 07:58pm

Love this show. Sarcastic wit at its best.
09/16/15 at 03:20pm

This show is utter garbage the acting is really Terrible there is nothing good about this programme
08/21/15 at 11:14am

No where near the same league as the walking dead. But still a show worth watching. Its one of them dumb shows you just need to watch to see what happens next. Sometimes they are the best shows out there. Just finished season 1 a few days ago. Roll on season 2 in a few weeks time.
02/15/15 at 05:11pm

This show is the best
01/23/15 at 06:52pm

Love, love, love this show!! Glad we are going to get more. Z Nation Rocks.
01/21/15 at 01:08am

Can't wait for season 2. I just finished season one and I need to know what happens. I just hope they don't kill off all the main characters. Come on syfy, hop to it.
12/10/14 at 07:11pm

Horrible season ending. I mean really, about 2 minutes to escape SEVERAL nuclear weapons. Yeah... NEVER going to happen. Season 2 better start with EVERYONE from season 1 as a crispy critter due to the bombs. They'll probably pull some writing junks and make it so none of the warheads were active or something though.

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