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Sep 12, 2014 - Dec 28, 2018




Drama / Horror




Hammond - Harold PerrineauGarnett - Tom Everett ScottCitizen Z - DJ QuallsMack - Michael WelchWarren - Kellita SmithDoc - Russell HodgkinsonMurphy - Keith AllanAddy - Anastasia BarinovaCassandra - Pisay Pao10K - Nat Zang

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A drama following the struggle to save humanity in a post-zombie apocalypse.

It has been three years since a zombie virus decimated America. A group of everyday heroes must now work to transport the only known survivor of the plague three thousand miles from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab awaits the arrival of his blood.

The antibodies this man carries are the world's last and best hope for a vaccine, but he harbors a dark secret that could threaten humankind's survival.

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03/15/24 at 09:58am

According to The Asylum's X account: March 11, 2024

Sorry folks. We took a brief break. But now that we're back....#ZNation


I can't wait.
01/29/20 at 11:18pm

OK board room! The walking dead is making millions of dollars what can we do poorly to rip the show off! And so Z nation was born! Brutally funny Hollywood reviews
JD Mcglynn
04/05/19 at 05:51am

Love, Love, Love this show! Yes campy, yes season 5 was a dip in their steady formula but Murphy maintained his ever color changing charm, and Doc will always be his infectious down to earth glass half full self. I hope enough attention to the change.org petition is garnered to get a reboot on Netflix. Until that happens I guess we'll have to get on board and support the prequel on Netflix "Black Summer" on April 11th 2019.
Here's hoping Netflix brings back Znation for a season 6.
02/09/18 at 06:02am

Season 4 is just plain silly. Some of the episodes are totally ridiculous and have absolutely nothing related to the plot or to the advancement of the story. This series was always a lot looser than it's WD cousin and we enjoyed it, but now it's really "jumped the shark" and de-evolved to comicbook book fluff. Such a shame.
09/29/17 at 08:37pm

09/22/17 at 02:00pm

Z-Nation is my guilty pleasure. My favorite show is the TWD, but this show keeps me laughing and entertained with it's campy situations. It's just a fun show to watch! I want Warren in my corner when fighting a zombie!
Finish Him
09/13/17 at 09:01am

Fun and campy at first, it slowly lost its appeal. Sad because I have friends in this show and have tried to continue watching to support them. I live where it's filmed and I do wish it continued success, but I took it off my DVR.
09/08/17 at 05:05am

hurry up with new season!...:)
michael dobey
11/30/16 at 04:05pm

This show is a hoot. I love it, IT's very funny. And just wild in some ways. So I am glad that it is coming back for a fourth series.
11/21/16 at 03:00pm

I mostly watch it because it's filmed in the city I live in. It's fun and better than some things on TV right now, but I don't know if I'd miss it if it got cancelled.

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