CSI: Cyber

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Mar 04, 2015 - Mar 13, 2016




Drama / Crime




Avery - Patricia ArquetteElijah - James Van Der BeekStavros - Peter MacNicolDaniel - Charley KoontzBrody - Bow WowRaven - Hayley KiyokoNick - Luke Perry

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This procedural drama focusing on high tech crime is a spin-off of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series.

The fourth spin-off in the CSI franchise, this procedural drama follows the FBI's team of cyber crime investigators who specialize in cases involving the darknet and associated crimes like hacking, cyber-theft, blackmail, and murder.

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01/16/16 at 02:46pm

I was really annoyed to see the addition of Ted Danson to CSI Cyber and I am now thrilled he got picked up for a new NBC show and will be leaving. More attention should be paid to keeping both Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beak's characters/storylines interesting.
I think the supporting cast is great and I hope it gets renewed for a 3rd season. I never miss an episode!
01/15/16 at 04:42pm

This show is so bad that I don't even want to waste the time to say why.
12/22/15 at 04:25pm

No Ted Danson get him out. Make the character Avery stronger. I like this show very much. Do not cancel.
Dave James
11/15/15 at 08:50pm

@ Uncle Dickie. When you only have sixty minutes (Les when you factor in commercials), you can't actually wait around for days to receive various test results. I thought everyone knew that.....unless of course you were just being facetious. And you were.....weren't you?
11/08/15 at 08:40pm

I love this show, I hope it's on for a long time.i will watch this show as long as it is long.
Uncle Dickie
10/22/15 at 11:44pm

Ted Danson!?!? Seriously!?!?
And why does it take merely seconds to do what real tech types take hours to accomplish?
10/22/15 at 08:41pm

please do not cancel
10/09/15 at 11:59pm

If the higher-ups at CBS are looking at cancelling CSI:Cyber, I hope they take into consideration that the show is up against NFL football on another network. Not much that can compete with that schedule.
10/09/15 at 10:19am

I agree about Ted Danson. I do not think he belongs in these kind of shows. Saw the CSI: Cyber season premier and he talked monotone, did not act very good. Don't get me wrong. Ted Danson is a great actor. Just not in this type of show. I hope he does not kill this show. CSI: Cyber was a great show up to now. Hope it stays that way. They should limit his role in the show. Don't change any of the other characters roles or how they act.
Dave James
10/03/15 at 04:21pm

@Cindy - Actors act the ay directors tell them too. She's supposed to be tough no nonsense person and that's the way she's been told to play it. We'll see what happens when Ted Danson takes the place of Peter MacNicol who is leaving the show (Unfortunately). If Arquette doesn't lighten up I don't think the show will last through next season. It will probably be called CSI Sober.

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