CSI: Cyber

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Mar 04, 2015 - Mar 13, 2016




Drama / Crime




Avery - Patricia ArquetteElijah - James Van Der BeekStavros - Peter MacNicolDaniel - Charley KoontzBrody - Bow WowRaven - Hayley KiyokoNick - Luke Perry

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This procedural drama focusing on high tech crime is a spin-off of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series.

The fourth spin-off in the CSI franchise, this procedural drama follows the FBI's team of cyber crime investigators who specialize in cases involving the darknet and associated crimes like hacking, cyber-theft, blackmail, and murder.

Comments (51)

03/19/16 at 10:41pm

please dont cancel this show,its the best of all of the franchise
03/17/16 at 06:27pm

Please don't cancel my favorite show!!!!!
03/14/16 at 11:42pm

I love this show. I cant believe the Patricia haters, I think she is great in this role. It looks like there are cast changes and I will be sorry to see Ted Danson go.
Kim Holland
03/14/16 at 08:03am

Please don't cancel this show. I love watching this show alot.
03/13/16 at 03:25pm

Keep this show on there isn't much other good show out there watching. I love Ted Danson and rest of the team they dogreat job. Please keep them on and renew.
03/09/16 at 11:59am

Hey Uncle Dickie, It is called tv not real life. Do you watch a t show where it shows someone picking up a car and believe they really did it? They only have a short time to tell any story on tv or even a movie, they do try to get the basic idea across but they also know we can use our imaginations a little also. If the showed how long it took just to get a lab test back an 1/2 show would last for days or even weeks.
Jim C
03/04/16 at 07:41pm

BYE BYE.. show looks likes it canceled
maybe the good-news they are going to revamp the cast.. bye bye Patricia
03/04/16 at 07:04pm

If Ted Danson is leaving bring in an original CSI from old show. Jorja fox or one of those could live on
Michele Jordan
03/04/16 at 04:59pm

I love this show just the equities. I love all the actor's. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL IT. I don't watch football so it's great to have something great to watch.
01/19/16 at 10:10pm

Get rid of Patricia she is horrible l. It's like watching femal version of David Caruso. Horrible get rid her and focus on red of cast there great

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