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Oct 02, 2015 - Mar 31, 2017








Dr. Ken - Ken JeongAllison - Suzy NakamuraDamona - Tisha Campbell-MartinPat - Dave FoleyClark - Jonathan SlavinDave - Albert TsaiMolly - Krista Marie Yu

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A comedy following a physician trying to balance his career with his family life.

Dr. Ken is a brilliant physician that has no bedside manner. He always tries to be a good doctor - and a good husband and dad at home. Thankfully his therapist wife is the perfect partner to keep things on an even keel.

Comments (18)

10/18/17 at 06:17pm

I looked forward every week to dr. ken and cast. Dr. Ken comedy show started me looking at comedy shows again. Please bring it back.
08/11/17 at 02:11am

Couch Potato
07/04/17 at 03:58pm

About time....bring back Cristela!
travon hardin
05/12/17 at 11:17am

Please keep Dr. Ken on the air for another season!! It's my favorite show to watch on the Friday night line up. The show has grown into becoming one of my appendages as I have gotten so connected with ALL of the characters. The writer has done an excellent job of fleshing out the individual characters who are incidently still evolving and doing so quite interestingly. I have found myself caring and connecting with each one of them. It's very refreshing to see the Ken family take on the everyday American family struggles and challenges. I am particularly interested in Dr. Ken's oldest daughter being whisked off to college! Can't wait to see how much more evolution will take place with her. Don't mention Damona's mysterious and controversial office romance that has recently surfaced to the rest of the staff. What is up with the guy from valet parking? He has surfaced a couple of times quite interestingly enough and I think that it would be fun to see beneath the surface of this character and what makes him tick? Could he possibly be secretly jealous of the male nurse who just married his gay lover? WOW! The possibilities are endless!! It's much too early to pull the plug on this one.
03/21/17 at 03:52pm

Ken is an awful actor, maybe I can get my own comedy series, you don't even have to be a great actor.
09/06/16 at 12:17pm

Someone call a doctor, some viewers actually think this show is great, their brains are swollen, their not thinking cleary.
08/08/16 at 06:07pm

Awesome show. One of the funniest family sitcoms.
Glad they renewed it!
Couch Potato
06/15/16 at 06:54pm

Really you guys canceled Cristela for this B.S. I really enjoy Ken in movies but I can't bare to watch anymore of this show. Maybe they canceled Cristela because Ken has a bigger name. He definitely doesn't have the better show.Bring back Cristela, Bring back Cristela, Bring back Cristela!!!
03/05/16 at 08:15pm

I like dr. Ken! I think the show is very funny! I hope abc renew the show.
V Lin
03/04/16 at 06:55am

I find it funnier then Fresh Off the Boat. As an Asian American, the cultural jokes on Dr. Ken are also more genuine and less forced than other "Asian" shows on network TV. Ken's antics are over the top, but I'm ok with that, and in fact really like it.
Although Dr. Julie is a likable character, she seems a bit too airheaded to have completed medical school.
Hope they get a second season to find their legs....

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