K.C. Undercover

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Jan 18, 2015 - Feb 02, 2018






K.C. - ZendayaMarisa - Veronica DunneErnie - Kamil McFaddenJudy - Trinitee StokesKira - Tammy TownsendCraig - Kadeem Hardison

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A comedy following a high school student training to become a spy.

K.C. Cooper is a high school math genius who comes to learn that her parents are undercover spies. Now that she knows their secret, her parents recruit her to join them in their trade. Working as a team, the family takes on missions for their country while also dealing with typical family issues.

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Valerie marshall
01/24/16 at 09:15pm

Why was KC under cover cancelled? That was the best show on Disney. Why didn't u cancel the ones that is not a good example for kids? Everyone loved K C under cover! Well many of us won't be watching Dismey anymore! That was an excellent show were we all watched it as a family and friends. Bet there is going to be a bad one or one not good for kids and people to watch like some others.😟😟
01/24/16 at 07:28pm

Is K.C. Undercover over? for good??
01/20/16 at 01:29pm

I was crying because kc undercover was over
12/09/15 at 07:01am

Better than other Disney Channel shows where its all about singing and dancing to solve their problems.

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