Life in Pieces

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Sep 21, 2015 - Jun 27, 2019








Joan - Dianne WiestJohn - James BrolinJen - Zoe Lister JonesGreg - Colin HanksColleen - Angelique CabralMatt - Thomas SadoskiHeather - Betsy BrandtTim - Dan BakkedahlTyler - Niall CunninghamSamantha - Holly J. BarrettSophia - Giselle Eisenberg

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A comedy that tells four weekly stories about the members of one family.

Four separate stories are chronicled each week, following a loveable clan that spans three generations - finding humor in some of life's everyday absurdities.

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05/21/19 at 06:25am

One of the best comedies on TV. The Cheeto episode is one of the best pieces of comedy I have seen as well as the line from one of the last episodes "Lucas, I am your father". Absolutely wrong call CBS. Hopefully it is picked up somewhere else.
randy f
05/17/19 at 07:11am

Life In Pieces as the best new comedy in a long. Way to kill it by starting the season in April or May. I am so disappointed. Hoping some other network picks it up
Amy Sparling
05/14/19 at 06:14pm

Best comedy in years! Who made the decision to cancel?, I sure hope another network picks this up and reaps the rewards for doing so.
Garda Collison
05/11/19 at 08:51am

CBS, you cancel this show then I will finally cut the cable. You keep rubbish like Magnum PI on the air and then cut this show? Enough, please lose the idiots in charge
01/27/19 at 03:42pm

When are they bringing this show back, this show is awesome! This is ridiculous that its not back on the air already, its almost February!!!
01/16/19 at 07:09pm

Why haven’t they brought this back yet???
04/04/18 at 01:35pm

The actor who plays Tim should get am Emmy he's wonderful....that episode introducing Clementine was classic!!!!1
03/21/17 at 04:08pm

This show has no funny lines at all, how can anyone like a show that isn't funny?
Ted Rose
04/07/16 at 02:21am

I held off on watching this show because I kept hearing, You gotta watch this show and then proceed to tell me it's just like Modern Family. Two problems with these statements, first off, I have NEVER seen an episode of Modern Family yet because I kept getting told that I HAD to watch it! I am my own man who makes his own decision & refuses to do something I am TOLD to do.... unless my wife tells me to do something, THEN I treat her like my Drill Seargent during Army Basic Training!
04/05/16 at 06:57pm

Best comedy in years. Get better each episode.

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