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Jun 24, 2015 - Dec 22, 2019






Elliot - Rami MalekMr. Robot - Christian SlaterAngela - Portia DoubledayMarlene - Carly Chaikin

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A drama following a hacker who is recruited by a mysterious figure intent on taking down corporate America.

Elliot is an anti-social young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer during the day but spends his nights as a vigilante hacker. Elliot finds himself in a quandary when the anarchist leader of an underground hacker group recruits him to take down the powerful corporations that he believes are running, and ruining, the world.

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09/19/20 at 08:09pm

This show was amazing, brilliant, and ended PERFECTLY. It was one of the best endings I have ever seen on TV. It’s not for everyone. I believe it was more for Generation X and a bit younger. Definitely not for young kids. Why would anyone even show this to kids? (For the guy that said he showed this to his kid? Wtf? No. Just no. But if you are over 17 you can definitely watch. All the hacking was real. Everything they spoke about is in comparison to real life. I miss this show. I’ll watch it again some day.
12/26/17 at 12:54pm

My comment here can spoil the story, so you may stop reading if you have not watched Season 4.
The last season, Season 4, was incredible. However, the ending was extremely horrible that it made me reconsider the entire series, and start perceiving it negatively.

The idea of undoing the entire thing, while presuming that the right thing to do is to make the evil you you know less evil , is all nonsense. This is from my own point of view. This is exactly what dictators have been trying to dictate since the beginning of time.

I am hoping in the new season that they will show us that undoing what he did, I mean Elliot, was a total disaster, and he will need to redo it.
11/05/17 at 06:52pm

I am straight, but you folks with the gay hang up need to grow up. Gays kiss and do stuff just like straights and if you can't handle it, crawl back into your cave. This is the greatest show on TV since The Prisoner (the original). Brilliant.
michael dobey
08/16/16 at 02:42pm

a interesting show and finally the lead actor (mr robot) gets a hit show. he's been in some great shows and they all died. I would say that if anyone is alienated as bad as some of these characters they should seek help. but it's a good show.
Sally Boomer
07/21/16 at 11:11am

@ monk_juice Ye cos every smackhead is a computer genius so how come in real life you see them scrounging for change
02/02/16 at 11:40am

Love this show! Started binge watching Season 1 as a refresher, but mostly, to watch it knowing who Mr.Robot really is. I'm up to E7 - so how can Darlene be having a convo with Mr.Robot? Those who watched the full season will get that, but I don't want to ruin it for those who may want to catch up.
12/08/15 at 10:46am

I like the show a lot, but I could really do without the gay sex PLEASE!
09/03/15 at 02:50pm

Someone who knows what AES is and the strength of 256bit keys... Technically stunning. Crisp writing with unpredictable twists and turns. An entertaining drama so novel (not Novell) it is hard to believe an American network ran it. Bravo!
07/13/15 at 09:45pm

Really enjoyed this show until I saw the third episode. Gay sex, nudity, f word. My kids liked this show but we will not be watching anymore. It is NOT OK for kids.
It makes me sad that a good show has this trash put into it. Why can't they allude to sex without showing it? Hetero is just as uncomfortable to watch. If you have to have that in a show it just devalues the whole rest of the show.
06/27/15 at 12:40pm

finally a show about technical world that is somewhat true to life. Writers seem to have did their research.
very good show kinda fight clubish feel about it

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