Mr. Robot

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Jun 24, 2015 - Dec 22, 2019






Elliot - Rami MalekMr. Robot - Christian SlaterAngela - Portia DoubledayMarlene - Carly Chaikin

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A drama following a hacker who is recruited by a mysterious figure intent on taking down corporate America.

Elliot is an anti-social young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer during the day but spends his nights as a vigilante hacker. Elliot finds himself in a quandary when the anarchist leader of an underground hacker group recruits him to take down the powerful corporations that he believes are running, and ruining, the world.

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the Doctor
06/25/15 at 09:52am

Sorry folks watch 20 mins of first episode and could not get into it.Perhps it is for a younger audience. Who knows.
06/22/15 at 01:37am

I watched Episode 1 "on demand." I loved it. The computer jargon was mostly real as were the problems. In short this promised to be a wonderful show that introduces what really goes on in computers, servers and network. I hope USA is willing to give this show a chance to find its audience. it is wholly unlike their other drama doctor, lawyer and espionage offerings. It is intriguing! I hope they stick to realism and keep Mr. Robot as it is portrayed in Episode 1. I have set my hopper to record it so as not to miss an episode well done USA, well Done!
06/03/15 at 11:29pm

finally something that's real and true

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