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Dec 07, 2015 - Feb 22, 2016








Ana Sofia - Eva LongoriaXavier - Jencarlos CanelaRodrigo - Amaury NolascoMimi - Diana Maria RivaGael - Jose Moreno BrooksIsabela - Alex MenesesRoxie - Jadyn DouglasIsaac - Izzy Diaz

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A comedy following a telenovela star and her TV family.

Ana Sofia Calderon is the star of a popular Spanish-language soap opera. The only problem is she doesn't speak a word of the language. On top of that, Ana has to worry about a new boss, jealous cast-mates, and appeasing her demanding friends.

When her ex-husband is hired as her on-screen love interest, Ana's real life takes one step closer to becoming just like a real telenovela - full of love, hate, life and even death.

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02/07/16 at 08:55pm

i love this show! its hilarious! people who don't think so just don't get it. the characters are endeering, and the show pokes fun at itself all the time. good comedic timing. good acting. good ensemble of characters. love it
01/24/16 at 06:00pm

I love this show, and I hope it stays on! It's funny, the comedic pacing is great, and I like every character in it, something which happens very rarely with me.
01/22/16 at 10:40am

Love this show!!! I have never been a big Eva fan but now I am. Great cast, great writing. A friend told me about it and I binge watched the first 6 eps. It's nice to actually have a real comedy on TV, just a great spoof!
01/19/16 at 08:03pm

Super show.... A different kind of spoof and to appreciate it I highly suggest tuning into a real telenovela (ha ha).
01/16/16 at 06:59am

Terrible show with weak writing and even worse humour. Can't get cancelled soon enough.
01/12/16 at 10:08am

Love, love, love this show! The whole cast is talented, has great chemistry together and perfect comedic timing!
12/08/15 at 09:27am

Great show! This is the first time I've seen a sitcom that spoofed soap operas.

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