The Carmichael Show

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Aug 26, 2015 - Aug 16, 2017








Jerrod - Jerrod CarmichaelCynthia - Loretta DevineJoe - David Alan GrierBobby - Lil Ren HoweryMaxine - Amber West

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A comedy inspired by the life of comedian Jerrod Carmichael.

From comedian Jerrod Carmichael comes this sitcom inspired by his relationships with his therapist-to-be girlfriend, his antagonistic father, his ever-hustling brother and his religious mother.

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Duke Nukem
07/27/17 at 04:30pm

Cancelled.. Another flop bites the dust. RIP.
06/21/17 at 06:22pm

This show is beginning to make me lose interest, they like to put down good values and praise a rapist! Bill Cosby is GARBAGE! If the actors like him so much, maybe they should join him in the unemployment line! They seem to enjoy being raped, the one crime that gets the least jail time. The body does heal, but the mind is another thing and how about if the raped victim is a woman who gets pregnant and the rapist wants child visitation rights and it has happened, or what if it's a child, they can be damaged into adulthood. What if they pass on an STD, possibly HIV, do we really want to praise a rapist on tv???
06/05/17 at 06:13pm

Ok, this show is so lame! It downs the intelligence of Blacks . Yes, one of the writers is black, but his character Jerrod (he has zero creativity, he cannot come with a name for his character) appears / acts like he is superior over the other characters! This ruins the show. HIs acting is terrible- go back to school and learn to act Jerrod! The other characters are funny; they make the show. Now, the topics! GREAT- right on the point. It's what is talked about daily. I believe that blacks should show their intelligence, but do it in a " friendly way or a real way". Not uppity or conceded. And that is how Jerrod Carmichael is acting/ writing. We can show off our intelligence in many forms. Also, his character never NEVER apologizes for anything his character does. He puts people down! Ugh- I'm so over this show! Get it off the air. Put something better on OR GET THE CHARACTER JERROID OFF THE SHOW!
11/04/16 at 04:13am

When does the new season begin. I am not a voice fan so, I'mean wondering when does it return.
Pat Castiglione
10/15/15 at 11:05am

Was "The Carmichael Show" cancelled. It began on Wed. 8/26/15 and was show for about 3 weeks in Sept. 2015. I can't find it anywhere on Wednesdays. Has it moved to another day?
09/15/15 at 10:47am

Good this is actually a funny tv show

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