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Sep 19, 2016 - May 07, 2018








Kevin - Kevin JamesDonna - Erinn HayesKendra - Taylor SpreitlerChale - Ryan CartwrightSara - Mary-Charles JonesJack - James DiGiacomoGoody - Leonard Earl HowzeKyle - Gary ValentineDuffy - Lenny Venito

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A comedy following a newly-retired cop who puts his plans on hold to help out his family.

Kevin is a recently-retired police officer looking forward to having more free time to spend with his family and fellow-retired cop friends. But when his oldest daughter decides to drop out of college in order to support her fiancé, Kevin puts his plans on hold and moves them both into his home so that his daughter can stay in school.

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07/03/18 at 08:49pm

I love Kevin James and we watched reruns of King of queens unntil we know most of them by heart, but the show just didn’t click in the second season and Although I personally like a Leah Remini forcing her in by killing off the wife was a big speedbump that was hard to get over ... although I never did think the actress playing the wife could act.
06/07/18 at 06:39pm

I quit watching when Remini came on.
05/28/18 at 05:59am

Remini killed this show. Plain and simple.
Disco Angel
05/22/18 at 08:32am

As a Jersey woman, please, please, please do not state that Remini portrays us. She doesn't. I'm not saying some people here aren't like that, but in general? No!
Anyway, I watched all of the second season and am about to go negative so I needed to point out that I didn't watch "1 or 2 shows into the second season." It was terrible. Sorry, but it was. I wasn't a huge fan of the lady that played the mom, but her character worked. Once they killed her off and then brought in Remini, it kind of turned into something unrecognizable. The kids didn't seem to have much of a part and it became more about the 2 characters. It wasn't as funny anymore. I'm not surprised it got cancelled.
05/17/18 at 05:43am

I liked this show and I like Remind. She portrays a New Jersey type woman...I don't get why people can't see that . It's funny. There are issues with other things on this show and other characters for me.
The only thing I wonder is if any comment completely centered around remind is really by a scientologist...........
05/13/18 at 03:24pm

The second season was REALLY good, I can’t believe the show has been canceled! The negative comments come from those that only watched 1 or 2 shows into the second season. A third of the way into the second season, the show got very good. I really looked forward to watching this show, as it wasn’t in your face with political issues, and was genuinely entertaining for someone who wants to unwind and have a good laugh. I hope to see Kevin James again in a sitcom with values.
05/11/18 at 04:59pm

Absolutely no plot whatsoever. Terrible writing and pathetic acting.
05/03/18 at 07:25pm

Hope Kevin can wait is cancelled..Worst show I ever seen..King of Queens rerun..Not the least bit funny.. Like leah..Only bright spot..
03/19/18 at 04:20pm

I never liked Leah Remini as an actor. CBS needs to call "Kevin Can Wait" what it is,"The King Of Queens". I was glad the show. Every week I check to see if the new "King Of Queens" has been pulled from the CBS line up. I'm glad that there are "South Park" re-runs at 8:00 P.M. on Monday nights...
03/14/18 at 07:10am

I seem to be the opposite of everyone else. I prefer season two with Leah Remini. I don't care if they were already in a show together, that's probably why I like it. Since the two have already worked together for years, the actors are comfortable with each other and it shows.

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