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Sep 23, 2016 - Present




Drama / Action


MacGyver - Lucas TillJack - George Eads

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A 2016 update of the classic action-adventure drama.

Angus MacGyver is a secret agent who has an extraordinary talent for solving unconventional problems using his vast scientific knowledge.

MacGyver helps create a clandestine organization within the U.S. government that allows him to use this gift to help save lives by going on high-risk missions around the world.

Joined by a maverick former CIA agent, the team works with support from the Department of External Services to help save not only lives, but also the world.

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Denise Harper
03/11/17 at 07:35pm

Love this show. Saw the original but this is different time and so different story lines .my son and grandson love it also. Keep it on
03/07/17 at 08:55am

Cancel this show Cancel this Show Cancel this show. If you keep it bring back Richard dean Anderson. Till needs to stay with his alien monster truck show.
02/10/17 at 10:59pm

Loved the original and throughly enjoy this one. I'm not a millennial, I'm a baby boomer and I watch this one with my grandchildren
02/05/17 at 02:29am

I think the nay Sayers are all over thinking this.
It's not meant to be an entire "re-creation" of the original. It's entertaining and fun. Much better than the hundreds of "reality" to shows out there. Bring on the action/adventure.
01/31/17 at 11:38am

I really really wanted to love this show. My hubby and I were enjoying it but always asking how much experience does Mac have again and how old is he ? I like macs partner (jack i think) and the hacker chick, yes its cliché but shes cool. no idea whats up with putting macs BF in the story.I dont think it added anything to it. i also think they should have casted someone older for Mac. Doesn't the shows get tested to see how aundenices react? If they did it right it could have been great, it could have been a great family show. I wish I could have loved it more.
01/13/17 at 04:58pm

I agree with Bub, I like this show a lot. It's a fun no brainer Friday night show. It's better than watching all those reality cr@p shows that is out there.
12/15/16 at 12:31pm

Chip man, why blame Millennials? I was born in '88, and saw the original MacGyver in a rerun, like everyone else my age. This show on the other hand makes me cringe so badly...
12/01/16 at 06:07pm

I forgot to add; I'm really sorry you liked the show so much "bub". Watch the original, you'll like it much better.
12/01/16 at 06:01pm

I thought I was going to come here and be all alone in my assessment; I see not!
OMG, the worst remake ever! I thought I could blame the Millennials by thinking they love a diet of adrenaline and empty calories; but, this show is completely lacking of content period. This is Hallmark does science and adventure. The original at least assumed 2 years of college physics and chemistry and was interesting and fun and exciting. Last week both my wife and I reached a consensus, we were both watching because we thought the other one liked the show. We discovered this after both of us snoring woke each other up! Two more lost viewers... We're out!
PS: Too late to try and build this into something closer to the "real" thing... that's why we've hung in this long... and it's too late.
11/05/16 at 07:22am

I agree with "Mercury" (and others). I was hoping this would be a good remake.....NOT! So boring. The "child actor" playing Mac, terrible. I could understand if the actor from CSI was casted in the role.

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