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Sep 23, 2016 - Apr 30, 2021




Drama / Action




MacGyver - Lucas TillJack - George Eads

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A 2016 update of the classic action-adventure drama.

Angus MacGyver is a secret agent who has an extraordinary talent for solving unconventional problems using his vast scientific knowledge.

MacGyver helps create a clandestine organization within the U.S. government that allows him to use this gift to help save lives by going on high-risk missions around the world.

Joined by a maverick former CIA agent, the team works with support from the Department of External Services to help save not only lives, but also the world.

Comments (62)

Lisa Nowell
05/08/21 at 06:38pm

Please I live thus show don’t cancel it athis is a great show , we need a 6 season and even more
05/07/21 at 06:26pm

Great show that we have watched from beginning I agree with everyone else please don’t cancel. If it’s related to financial gains not meeting your goals please note this only encourages one to tryout other channels that are advertised
Dawn Large
05/01/21 at 08:02pm

Please don't cancel the show
Dawn Large
05/01/21 at 08:00pm

All the good shows are being canceled! I love this show!
05/01/21 at 02:25pm

One creative show,look forward to his crazy ways of getting out of trouble... Love the show, PLEASE reconsider,NOT CANCELLING THE SHOW!!!!!
04/30/21 at 09:26pm

Please do not cancel this show. I can’t believe that you think people want this cancelled !!!!!! Do not cancel.
04/30/21 at 08:04pm

Please do not cancel. It’s a great show!
Heather C
04/30/21 at 08:03pm

I can’t believe this! Why do you do this? You still have the stupid show MOM on and this Bob hearts Abishola crap.
This has inspired my son to be creative and seeing imagination at its finest. HE LEARNED FROM THIS SHOW! Probably all kids.
Please reconsider. So many are being affected mainly the minds of those kids that think like him.
04/30/21 at 06:10pm

Why? When you have a really good program, CBS seems to always find a way to drop it....Criminal Minds, CSI, to name a few, and now MacGyver. Please don’t bring on a reality show IF you don’t renew MacGyver...I personally hate those shows. Reconsider! The door was left open to continue with the show with the ending tonight....continue MACGYVER!! Thank you!
K. Fowler
04/30/21 at 06:03pm

Macgyver proved that educatiion improves lives. I am sad that it was cancelled!

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