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Jun 26, 2016 - Jul 28, 2021






Host - Alec Baldwin

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A 2016 prime time revival of the iconic panel game show.

The classic game show returns featuring four weekly contestants attempting to match the answers of six celebrity panelists in a game of fill-in the missing blank.

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04/17/22 at 07:49am

Alec Baldwin stop trying to be funny, you're not a comedian. Stick with action/villain roles.
03/31/22 at 01:08pm

Well fortunately or unfortunately I do not think they will bring Alec back.
03/08/21 at 02:37pm

My wife and I like anything Match Game old and new. They pay there celebrities to be on the show so they are not likely to have A list actors on the show. Either way we will watch it if it is still on.
01/09/19 at 10:36am

This show is just a pile of Blank. They try to hard to make it "Adult" that it has become a junior high study hall with no teacher. Sure the jokes have the potential to be funny or to make a game show but not both. If the answer is to obscure it is not a game show. Too easy and it is not funny. They need to put this into syndication and sell it for daytime air and free up this space for something worthwhile.
And they wonder why no network shows win good emmys.
03/21/17 at 04:20pm

Bring on A lister Celebrities and I would watch, the wannabes make the show horrible, Sarah Palin for an example.
11/07/16 at 01:28pm

I like it. It would be nice if the producers allowed viewers to submit question ideas that could be used; I have a couple of good ideas.
Richard Le Bron
09/29/16 at 09:01am

Excellent game show, brings back reminders of the original.

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