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Sep 22, 2016 - Dec 08, 2016








Ginny - Kylie BunburyMike - Mark-Paul GosselaarBlip - Mo McRaeEvelyne - Meagan HolderEliot - Tim JoAmelia - Ali LarterAl - Dan LauriaOscar - Mark ConsuelosRachel - JoAnna GarciaJanet - Chastity DotsonBill - Michael BeachTommy - Ryan Dorsey

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A drama following a young pitcher who becomes the first woman to play Major League Baseball.

Ginny Baker is a tough and gifted baseball player who achieves instant fame when she is called up to the Major Leagues by the San Diego Padres. As a rookie, Ginny must prove herself to her teammates - some of whom don't even want her on the field.

Although her father did his best to prepare her for this moment, the road ahead for Ginny will not be an easy one as she embarks on a career representing her gender under the glare of the media spotlight.

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07/25/18 at 04:59pm

Losing this show hurt on several levels. Of all the shows in the past 10 years or so - this one deserves to come back! Maybe on another network, if need be. It was so fresh. Kids loved it... girls and boys. BRING IT BACK, PLEASE.
02/05/18 at 06:06pm

Another wonderful show that the networks would not give a chance.
penny frazier
07/16/17 at 06:21pm

good show
06/16/17 at 09:55am

I just read Pitch was cancelled. It was a great story line with believable characters. The back stories were well developed and revealed with finesse and expert timing. Of all the shows my family and I watch together that were also cancelled, this one hurts the most. Add Rosewood and APB ... what is Fox's problem?? And now what are they going to replace it with? Please, no more dating shows with wanna be actors who are ridiculous characters. We will really miss Pitch.
05/10/17 at 11:21am

Watched this show with my family. My son loves baseball and has been asking when it will be back on. Sad!!!
05/08/17 at 00:52am

Dang! Now this was a show I looked forward to. Huge bummer in my book of shows that shouldn't have gotten cancelled, yet.
05/03/17 at 06:48pm

Of course this show gets cancelled, it's unique in a good way, can't have that. If it's not police show or stupid inappropriate comedy or a so called reality show it won't have a chance.
05/02/17 at 07:39pm

I can't believe this was canceled. I really liked it. Ask the good shows are always canceled.
Carl Gallagher
04/13/17 at 08:46pm

Has the show been renewed yet???
03/04/17 at 03:56pm

LOVE THIS SHOW! Is it not back until next Fall? :(

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