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Jan 13, 2016 - Mar 19, 2019


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Cecilia - Caitlin BarlowChelsea - Katy CollotonAJ - Cate FreedmanCaroline - Kate LambertMary Louise - Katie O’BrienDeb - Katie Thomas

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A comedy following a group of elementary school teachers.

Written by and starring members of the Chicago comedy troupe The Katydids, this comedy focuses on six elementary school teachers trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives need a lot of work.

Comments (8)

12/15/18 at 12:13pm

Are they moving the show to another channel?
02/10/18 at 09:13pm

If you don't like this show you probably don't get it. They represent a certain stereotypes and they take on serious topics like gender equality, poor pay, standardized testing, and common core and so much more in such a unique and humorous way. That doesn't even scratch the surface of all that they do or what makes this show great but I hope it gets more appreciation and a long run!
Monkey bone
12/18/16 at 03:41pm

This show is Hilarious!! Best comedy in a long time. If you don't think it's funny then why are you watching it. Stop being such a Goodie goodie and get over it. I have to tell you it's not to far off from the real thing. But, some people are just judgemental.
05/31/16 at 04:39am

Love the show , I hope they keep it going
03/28/16 at 02:25pm

This show cracks me up!!! It's fantastic!
03/11/16 at 06:40pm

This show is terrible! It portrays teachers in such a bad light.
Believe me, they could still make it funny without the trash. I can't believe that it was renewed.
01/17/16 at 06:17pm

What a horrible show!
12/29/15 at 00:28am

strike gold?

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