The Magicians

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Jan 25, 2016 - Apr 01, 2020




Drama / Fantasy




Quentin - Jason RalphJulia - Stella MaeveAlice - Olivia Taylor DudleyEliot - Hale ApplemanPenny - Arjun GuptaMargo - Summer Bishil

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A drama following an aspiring magician who learns of a magical world that threatens humanity.

Quentin Coldwater is a graduate student who enrolls at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy to be trained as a Magician. A lifelong fan of the Fillory and Further series, he discovers that the magical world from the books is actually based in truth and pose a danger to his world.

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04/04/20 at 01:37am

I am heartbroken that they have ended the show. This is been my favorite thing to watch for the past few years and I will dearly miss the characters, their friendships, and their adventures. I hope they change their mind and bring us a season six so we get to see this continue in new Fillory.
April Sunshine
03/11/20 at 08:16pm

I'm so DISAPPOINTED that my favorite SYFY SHOW is being cancelled. Honestly I think I'll just follow suit and CANCEL CABLE....
christine a bradtke
01/09/20 at 11:03am

At first viewing i wasnt sure i would enjoy this show. But as luck would have it "I LOVE IT" this cast is awesome and story line great. Cant wait for more amazing seasons
04/20/19 at 05:21pm

This show started the same year as "The Shanara Chronicles" and "Shadow Hunters". Of those 3 shows I like this one (the magicians) the least and it's the one that has been most successful ... go figure, thanks.
04/20/19 at 09:18am

LOVE this show. Story line is unique and interesting. Acting is outstanding!! The musical numbers just add to the show. Heart broken about loosing a beloved character at the end of season 4. But they did a great job the death and send off!
Mr. Ed
04/05/19 at 12:15pm

I have liked this show from the start, always different. Never really got why there were musical numbers thrown in there but OK. Then I saw season 4.10 All that hard glossy armor. I liked each selection and how it was used. I will have David Coverdale and Whitesnake running though my head for the rest of the week, but hearing the cast in their own voices ended up adding to the show. Thanks for that.
03/12/19 at 01:02am

I used to love this show, could follow the storylines although they started getting a little chaotic. This season I can't seem to grasp the storylines-have had to watch episodes a couple of times to figure them out and what's with all the swearing??? it's like they throw those words in just to shock. I'm not against swearing but it seems to be gratuitous here...
10/18/18 at 03:45pm

Interesting show. I love it. Thanks for renewing another season.
mike dobey
04/12/17 at 03:55pm

This is show scy fy buys I think. It's edited for out tv. Why scy fy thinks it has to edit it to be family friendly is beyond me. Anyways. what's with the moral compass statement ERIk? . I love family type shows. But clearly this isn't NOT ONE OF THEM. So it's on you , not them. I will watch the new season! Great NEWS.
12/27/16 at 09:47am

Love this show! So glad it was not cancelled! It took a different turn but I'm so glad it has another season to redeem what happened...

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