The Real O'Neals

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Mar 08, 2016 - Mar 14, 2017








Eileen - Martha PlimptonPat - Jay R. FergusonKenny - Noah GalvinJimmy - Matt ShivelyShannon - Bebe WoodJodi - Mary Hollis Inboden

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A comedy following a family living life more honestly after their secrets are revealed.

The O'Neal clan were a seemingly perfect family until shocking truths come to light, causing their lives to take an unexpected turn. But rather than let these revelations ruin their lives, the O'Neals decide to start living more honestly - even though this new chapter of their lives might get a little messy at times.

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05/30/17 at 06:32pm

2 things ruined this show, Kenny's break-up and ALLISON moving in. and then there was Kenny's musical opening on that one episode. can something be TOO gay? yes. yes it can.
Lisa in Tampa
05/11/17 at 10:05pm

Funny show, but was much funnier the first season. Sorry to see it go.
04/04/17 at 11:45am

Absolutely love this show. Haters gonna hate, but the writing is flawless and as a gay man I am not the least bit offended.
It's time for America to stop being so damn uptight.
Elisa R
03/22/17 at 06:09pm

Good show for bigots or fans of bad writing. Not much else going for it.
03/21/17 at 04:56pm

It might be endearing but funny, no there is nothing funny about this show.
02/22/17 at 06:05pm

The show is okay if you like tired anti-Catholic stereotypes without a shred of originality. Other than that, it's a surprise it lasted this long. No it's not.
Jessica Bunyard
02/16/17 at 08:26pm

This show is really lame. It's crass and classless.
01/07/17 at 02:05pm

Someone in the comments above declared this show to be dis-respectful to gays. HELLO?? I'm 85 and have lived thru the really threatening anti-gay periods in our history. This show is NOT disrespectful to gays. It is a welcome addition to the mainstreaming of gay lives on TV programming. I pray the bigots don't succeed in having this show cancelled.
06/06/16 at 10:37pm

i LOVE THIS SHOW!! its become one of my favorites. it's smart, funny, very endeering, and socially relevant. give it a couple episodes, you will see that its about tolerance, love, and acceptance.
05/12/16 at 04:26pm

Oh good!! I really like this show, and loooove Martha Plimpton!

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