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Sep 20, 2016 - May 24, 2022




Comedy / Drama




Rebecca - Mandy MooreJack - Milo VentimigliaKevin - Justin HartleyRandall - Sterling K. BrownKate - Chrissy MetzToby - Chris SullivanWilliam - Ron Cephas Jones

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A dramedy following a group of people who were born on the same day.

Sometimes life will surprise you, as a seemingly-unrelated group of people learn after their lives intertwine in interesting ways. As their paths cross, we learn that several of them have unexpected things in common, such as sharing the same birthday.

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03/12/22 at 09:06pm

I will really miss this show. It reminds me of a time in America when the flag belonged to all Americans and not just the political fake Christian Right wingers, who like to illegally fly and desecrate them on their trucks.
This show reflects on things we’re missing anymore, like Kindness and tolerance.
Especially that episode where Kate and Kevin stick up for Randall,
whose being bullied for the color of his skin, so K & K quote scripture they learned in Sunday school regarding picking on people because of the color of their skin when you’ve never walked in their footsteps before.
We need more reality and wholesome based programming like this. If just to remind us, we are better than we’ve been. Please don’t cancel it.
09/29/21 at 05:04am

Why is it ending?
10/28/20 at 11:43am

I just finished watching the two hour season opener. I have to say this WAS by far my favorite show; I was never able to get through an episode without crying. Therefore, I am incredibly disappointed they chose to infuse the show with a leftist political agenda. If this garbage continues (Kate's white guilt for example) I will give up the show. If Hollywood really thinks the majority of American's share their views they are sadly mistaken. Most of us in the "fly over" states do NOT.
07/20/20 at 12:21pm

The most emotional show I have seen in a while. The relationship the main couple have is so much like mine that it brought me to tears within the first few minutes of watching it. This is the best show out there for mothers.
04/04/20 at 01:17pm

Least favorite season imo but, I still enjoy the show.
03/27/20 at 05:23pm

Best show ever. Just watched season finale, season 4. Cried through entire show. Can't wait for season 5. The writers are incredible.
06/09/19 at 04:19pm

Best show ever, cried through the entire season ! The writers are incredible, show is so well done loyal to the bone , re ew forever!
01/13/19 at 05:39pm

Awesome show. Makes me cry every time hehe
Keep renewing.
11/28/17 at 03:04pm

I LOVE this show. The acting is great, the characters are relatable, and they really tackle issues that many people have dealt with. I look forward to this show every week.
11/20/17 at 00:19am

Stumbled upon this show because the previews were interesting.
All I gotta say is wow. This program is FANTASTIC.
Happily binge-watching Season 1 ❤️

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