American Gods

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Apr 30, 2017 - Mar 21, 2021




Drama / Fantasy




Shadow Moon - Ricky WhittleMr. Wednesday - Ian McShaneLaura Moon - Emily BrowningMad Sweeney - Pablo SchreiberBilquis - Yetide BadakiTechnical Boy - Bruce LangleyLow Key - Jonathan TuckerMr. World - Crispin GloverZorya - Cloris LeachmanCzernobog - Peter StormareMr. Jacquel - Chris ObiThe Jinn - Mousa Kraish asMedia - Gillian AndersonSalim - Omid AbtahiMr. Nancy - Orlando JonesMr. Ibis - Demore BarnesRobbie - Dane CookEaster - Kristin Chenoweth

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A novel-based fantasy drama following a brewing war between old and new Gods.

Ex-con and widower Shadow Moon is fresh out of prison and about to have his life turned upside down. He soon meets a charismatic con man named Mr. Wednesday, who gives him a job as a bodyguard.

Mr. Wednesday, though, is actually an incarnation of the God Odin, who is looking to confront the new Gods, who have been growing stronger.

Together, Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon begin a journey across America in an attempt to build an army of Old Gods that will battle for power against the New Gods.

Comments (14)

06/24/21 at 08:15am

By season three so many characters were changed or gone it was not a surprise that viewership was rapidly fading away dooming the show.
05/01/21 at 07:47pm

Too bad. I guess they don't get who Anansi is, and grossly illiterate about other gods. Loved the book but they tried to turn it into a soap opera. BTW, Laura died pretty early in the book and the show turned her into some BS hero.
04/30/21 at 04:26pm

The second show runner aggressively and openly stating Mr. Nancy was being removed because he didn't want to see an angry black man because it's wrong for black America to see killed it for me. Wasn't going to be a part of that.
10/02/20 at 05:55pm

Love this show! You need to know some mythology in order to fully understand it.
05/30/19 at 09:54am

Confusing and convoluted but very interesting and visually stimulating. I'm gonna hang in there and figure it out ...
12/16/17 at 07:44am

I love the idea of this show. I watched the first 5 episodes without knowing anything about the plot trying to sort it out. And then I just googled it to cut to the chase. If you haven't read the book or read online about the story behind the story, then I recommend you do. It makes so much more sense knowing what is going on. I now want to start over and watch it again to catch all the subtleties.
12/05/17 at 01:56am

American Gods reminds me of Twin Peaks. I love programs like this. They challenge you. This is one of those shows that requires you to watch, listen and pay attention. A great cast, excellent directing, wonderful cinematography, special effects and sets make this a show that is worth watching. Bravo Starz!
06/09/17 at 10:35am

If you don't get it, don't worry. Having just finished the audiobook about a month before the show premiered, I can say that this is a very strong adaptation and yet minor changes have been made to feel more natural. New scenes and characters have been added in that were in the original book and they add more complexity in depth to the overall mythos of the series The key to this show is subtlety. Trust me, as the sugar was on the plot will become more pronounced in obvious and there are some major plot twists set up for the four future. I really hope the show runs through the entire book and gives us a complete feeling for this universe, maybe even spin off to adapt its partner book, Anansi Boys.
05/31/17 at 10:11pm

they're doing a good job introducing the characters, but for those who haven't read the book, I'm sure it's very confusing. and instead of using Gaiman's great vocabulary, they've turned it into a monosyllabic 6th grade vocabulary.
05/23/17 at 06:22pm

Great show, love how they use the mini
stories to introduce each of the characters.
Interesting visuals, stories, characters and can't
wait to see where this goes.

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