American Gods

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Apr 30, 2017 - Mar 21, 2021




Drama / Fantasy




Shadow Moon - Ricky WhittleMr. Wednesday - Ian McShaneLaura Moon - Emily BrowningMad Sweeney - Pablo SchreiberBilquis - Yetide BadakiTechnical Boy - Bruce LangleyLow Key - Jonathan TuckerMr. World - Crispin GloverZorya - Cloris LeachmanCzernobog - Peter StormareMr. Jacquel - Chris ObiThe Jinn - Mousa Kraish asMedia - Gillian AndersonSalim - Omid AbtahiMr. Nancy - Orlando JonesMr. Ibis - Demore BarnesRobbie - Dane CookEaster - Kristin Chenoweth

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A novel-based fantasy drama following a brewing war between old and new Gods.

Ex-con and widower Shadow Moon is fresh out of prison and about to have his life turned upside down. He soon meets a charismatic con man named Mr. Wednesday, who gives him a job as a bodyguard.

Mr. Wednesday, though, is actually an incarnation of the God Odin, who is looking to confront the new Gods, who have been growing stronger.

Together, Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon begin a journey across America in an attempt to build an army of Old Gods that will battle for power against the New Gods.

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Martin kelly
05/22/17 at 01:31pm

Watched 3 episodes ..going nowhere.. no real storyline so far losing patience had high hopes for it ..
05/15/17 at 06:26pm

Best show on tv lately hands down, except maybe less great than GOT
05/13/17 at 05:36pm

Tried to watch this.. first one was okay albeit a bit confusing and hard to follow... second episode lost me in the first 2 minutes with a 'down trodden black man' tirade being made by a modern day black man to a shipload of black men on a slave ship.It will probably get renewed and be on for several seasons but I won't be watching.
02/27/17 at 04:00am

maybe watch

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