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Jan 02, 2017 - Mar 22, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi




Holden - Burkely DuffieldDiane - Romy RosemontTom - Michael McGradyLuke - Jonathan WhitesellWilla - Dilan GwynJeff - Jeff PierreKevin - Jordan Calloway

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A drama following a young man who awakens from a coma with supernatural abilities.

Holden Matthews is a young man who wakes from a 12-year coma to find that he possesses new supernatural abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

It is now up to Holden to figure out what happened to him over the course of those 12 years and why, as well as learn how to survive a world that changed while he was gone.

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Mike d
07/14/18 at 09:57pm

This show did Get better in the. Second season , but it took off in. The fourth episode and it even had a monster come , but they needed to go into the beyond, now we will never have a ending if you can get past the first few episodes the second season improves a lot.
michael dobey
06/29/18 at 10:39am

The rirst season was so good. The second destroyed itself. Instead of the character using his powers and having adventures. We had him try to live at home and work at a factory. Let this be a lesson t tv programmers. You don't create a superpower and then try to find ways NOT to use it. The storyline should have moved quickly and explored the beyond. It started slowly and after two episodes of the whining lead character. I bet it's ratings died right there.
05/11/18 at 09:44pm

what that was good why did they cancel it this was its best season.
01/23/18 at 02:11am

Seriously? 'Coma' Holden with less than an ounce of grey matter, no one communicating, so much wrong with this show. Best acting from Jeff and 'coma' Holden's brother. Everyone else, meh. Too many 'James Bond' moments, you know the ones where you know what the logical direction to go is, but go the opposite way.
01/20/17 at 08:51pm

What a great show! Original concept great acting, great directing, incredible sets, I just can't say enough good things about this show. If you haven't watched it and you like science fiction drama I suggest you watch it. My only complaint is they allowed us to binge watch the entire first season. Now I have to wait another nine months to a year to see the second season.
michael dobey
01/11/17 at 08:49pm

This is a well done show. I am glad that it will be coming back.
01/09/17 at 12:30pm

Same here pretty good for low budget show better than a lot they waste money on
Terri Osburn
01/05/17 at 01:32pm

I agree with Ric I binged watched this show this weekend also and I hope they keep it. I enjoy watching Shadowhunters on Freeform they are both keepers!!
01/04/17 at 08:57am

I was bored and browsing through On Demand because a lot of shows I watch havent had new eps. There's only a certain good amount of Freeform shows and this is one of them. Binged the show in two days, its def worth it. Interesting story w/ suspense & sci-fi
01/02/17 at 11:09am

Binged watched this show this weekend and absolutely loved this show!

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