Dear White People

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Apr 28, 2017 - Sep 22, 2021








Troy - Brandon P. BellSamantha - Logan BrowningCoco - Antoinette RobertsonLionel - DeRon HortonGabe - John Patrick AmedoriJoelle - Ashley Blaine FeathersonNarrator - Dennis Haysbert

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A comedy based on the acclaimed indie film of the same name.

This satirized take on "post-racial" America follows a diverse group of students of color as they navigate a predominantly-white Ivy League college that tends to downplay racial tension.

Comments (12)

07/19/20 at 04:11pm

Ah! And the comments also have to be moderated? And yet someone publishes that trash? Unbelievable
07/19/20 at 04:10pm

Are you people serious?
The Punisher
08/02/19 at 07:48pm

They cancel Punisher but keep trash like this...
Just Keith
08/02/19 at 06:17pm

So when do they air "Dear Black People" for 3 seasons ?
08/02/19 at 09:25am

Netflix can't cancel this without looking racist. Companies these days have to jump on the diversity bandwagon and proclaim how bad white people are to not be vilified. Lets not forget about cashing in on what's currently popular.

If someone has an opinion that's not pro diversity/people of color/anti white men/ feminism/gay and transgender/me too movement/immigration they run the risk of losing there job and facing a social media sh*t storm.

I'm not a woe is me white male but the double standards and hypocrisy is getting out of hand. this show is a perfect example. Any person of color shouting they are a proud whatever they are is celebrated but if a white person says anything even remotely similar... pitch forks
08/23/18 at 02:29pm

This anti-white racist show should be taken off immediately! Offensive shows like this is why many people are leaving Netflix for good.
05/08/18 at 12:50pm

Extremely offensive show that relies on in-your-face racism for viewers. Only thing worse than this show is the people who like it.
05/04/18 at 02:33am

Anti white racist black privileged show. Actually, that's what Netflix is becoming. SJW feminist anti white leftist bulls***. My boyfriend pays for Netflix, his decision to. I wouldn't. Not with this racist show.
05/04/18 at 01:58am

Insulting, offensive garbage. Netflix should be ashamed.
michael dobey
06/30/17 at 12:49pm

I was hoping this dumb show would get the ax.

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