Great News

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Apr 25, 2017 - Jan 25, 2018








Katie - Briga HeelanCarol - Andrea MartinGreg - Adam CampbellPortia - Nicole Richie

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An office comedy following a New Jersey mom who becomes an intern at her daughter's workplace.

Up-and-coming news producer Katie is not too happy when she learns that her overbearing mother has decided to rejoin the workforce as an intern at her TV station. But with her biggest supporter by her side, there may be more benefits than Katie realizes. She might even finally get the recognition she deserves.

Comments (7)

09/09/18 at 09:21pm

I'm glad this show is cancelled. I couldn't stand Andrea Martin. Her loud mouth was unbearable. Even without her, the show was boring. Good riddance.
01/18/18 at 07:11pm

This show did find its voice and it belongs to Andrea Martin. She's brilliant and deserves Emmy consideration. Yes the show is like 30 Rock in that they are both laugh out loud hilarious! Briga Heelan and John Mary Michael Higgins Clark Duncan are so underrated!
05/16/17 at 06:02pm

I haven't decided f I love the show or not. But Nicole Ritchie is absolutely hilarious in her role. I hope the writers can put as much into some of the other characters.
Varying Degrees of Right
05/13/17 at 04:24pm

I enjoy the tone of this show, but I'm not sure if the writers have found the right voices for their cast of characters yet. It feels a little like it's trying to fit into a 30-Rock-shaped box right now.
Find your rhythm, Great News, and this show could really rock!
David Wood
05/10/17 at 06:30am

Yes, very funny. A successful mix of clever jokes, slapstick and parodies. Writers and actors have good timing and pacing.
05/07/17 at 01:47pm

This show is absolutely hilarious. It would be a shame to see it get axed.
12/15/16 at 03:57am


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